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Friday, March 16, 2012

Race day preparations

The kids and I went to Wichita this afternoon to get our packets for tomorrow's 5K. We all got tshirts, shoe timers, and our numbers.

The race starts at 8:00am. We have to be there by 7:30. So we have to leave here by 6:45 to make sure that we can find a place to park.

I'm nervous. Not going to lie on that one. I'm always nervous before a race. The boys are staying here with The Dude and have been threatened with various punishments if they give him any grief whatsoever before we get back home, which should be by 10:00 at the latest. He's still not feeling 100% so I have more motivation than ever to run my butt off and get done quickly so that we can get back here.

My best time on a 5K so far is 41:43. The last one I did I got a 42:29. I'm hoping to beat my best time, but as usual I'll just be happy to finish vertically and not in a bodybag. ;)

I'll post the results as soon as I know them, but the official results usually aren't posted until later in the day.

I'm actually going to attempt to get a good night's sleep tonight - we'll see how that works.

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