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Monday, March 5, 2012

Not really sure what to do.

For anyone who knows me or who has been following this blog for a while, you know that my life is always chaotic. I mean always chaotic. It seems like I am always running around, taking the kids somewhere, cleaning something, doing laundry, building something, or whatever.

I'm not sure what has happened, but for the past day or two, I just haven't done much of anything. After Saturday's big building project, I guess maybe I've just been more worn out than usual.

I did get up yesterday and go to church, and then Daniel and I went out to lunch with The Dude before our road trip to Canada. But after we got home from that, I didn't do a whole lot of anything.

Today, I did the usual running back and forth to get the boys to school. And I went and spent the afternoon at The Dude's watching some show about zombies the inside of my eyelids. And then after I got the boys from school and fed them supper, I took them back over to The Dude's so that he could watch them while I went to my horrible meeting....

But other than that, I have really done nothing.

Seriously. This is just part of the pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded and put away. It has made its home on the loveseat for the past few days. There's another load in the dryer, and at least one clean load in a basket in the laundry room that all need to be finished - not to mention the mountain of my own laundry that needs to be done, or else I'm going to be wearing some pretty interesting stuff in the next day or so. I could easily put a movie in the DVD player and get everything folded, but that would also require me tearing the player apart again to get the stuck DVD out in order to watch something. Too much effort.

I could get all of the toys picked up off of the floor so that I don't kill myself walking through the living room in my stocking feet, but that requires bending over and getting down on the floor and actually sorting stuff, and you know, right now, that just sounds like it would take way too much effort. Besides, I'm trying very hard to make the kids pick up after themselves, and they are getting better at it, so I should just leave it there and make them pick it up in the morning - you know, before they get it back out to play with it again.

I could get rid of this pile of crap that I confiscated out of the girls' room a month or two ago. It's just been sitting in the hallway, waiting to go somewhere. Every time I think about going through it to get rid of it, it just ticks me off that they had this much crap spread out all over their floor and I just want to throw it all away. But I also know that there is some semi-important stuff in there so I really need to go through it. Or, better yet, I should make them go through it themselves, because again, I'm trying to get them to take more responsibility for their crap. Besides, I think it would just take too much effort tonight.

The laundry room. Yeah, I keep telling myself that I'm going to clean it and reorganize it. There is so much crap in there (besides laundry) and a lot of it really needs to go into the garage. But you know, it's nothing that really needs to be done tonight, and besides, it's really cold in there. The weather will be warm again tomorrow, so it'll warm up in there and it'll be easier to organize it if I'm not dealing with hypothermia at the same time. I'm thinking that doing anything in there tonight (other than maybe getting a freezer pop out of the deep freeze) might just take too much effort. Besides, I'd have to go back and forth from the laundry room to the garage to get everything put away, and that really just adds to the effort-factor for that particular job. Not going to happen tonight.

So while I sit here and debate what I really should be doing, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Because right now, that's taking pretty much no effort at all.

Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Sounds to me like you might have a toucn of the blues. You're feeling exactly the way I feel when a little bout of depression is setting in. If that's it, you have my full sympathy. If it continues, I'd recommend a trip to the doc to see if you can get something mild to help. I had to. My heart goes out to you, Amy! :) Katie

    1. Katie, you might be right. I've dealt with depression off and on throughout my life. Most of the times it is mild enough that I can deal with it on my own once I recognize what is happening. I've been on meds for it before but it seemed like no matter what they put me on, I walked around feeling like a zombie, so I try to avoid that as much as possible. Not having any insurance makes avoiding the doctor a bit easier too. ;) Seriously though, I think yesterday was more of an 'off' day than anything else - I got a decent amount of sleep and I feel a little better today - we'll see if I get anything accomplished!

  2. If I were to point at anything and say this is one of my worst flaws... oh yeah, procrastination... Maybe I'm a bad influence?

    1. We are both procrastinators - not a good combo in that one respect. We just have to force each other to get stuff done. Not that I'm complaining one bit about not doing anything yesterday - just means we have to do more today, if you're up to it!

  3. yay... I got some stuff done already!

  4. Someone is burnt out. You need a recharge somewhere... The monotony of life is getting to you. I'm with you.

    1. Recharge. Now that would be nice.....but I don't foresee that happening any time in the near future. =/

  5. Simple suggestion here .... you already know the deal with breaking big things into multiple little tasks on a list so you can attack manageable chunks one at a time and get them checked off, right? Get that list together ASAP. Then add one more thing to the top of the list(that's right ADD one more thing to your list). Item number 1 on your list needs to be something for YOU. A little way to take care of yourself and get yourself energized a bit. Maybe it's a little extra sleep, a short walk, a lap around the house - you'll come up with something. But take care of yourself, then take care of your list.


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