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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our trip to Canada

Today, The Dude and I (and Daniel) had the opportunity to go to Canada. Seriously. We did.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive.

After completely gorging ourselves at a local restaurant for lunch, we went to Canada, KS.

The point of our trip wasn't actually to go to Canada - we went to a town close by to pick up a loveseat from someone. But, we couldn't resist going to this town just to say that "we went to Canada today".

Yes, that picture (above) is of the entire town. We couldn't find a "Welcome to Canada" sign, so we played tourist and stopped to get a picture of one of the two signs that we could find.

OK, so we're dorks. But we had fun and we had a great time spending the day together. We successfully got the loveseat loaded into my van and got it back to his house without incident. And we can now say that we've gone to Canada together.


Who else thinks that Mother Nature is off of her rocker? Just look at the high temperatures for the week...


  1. Oh Canada...

    I've been making Canadian jokes for years... "Where ya headed?" "Canada, mothercanucker!"

    Mother Nature... is now senile.

    So much fun spending the afternoon with you and Daniel.... SQUISH, Peanut Butter!

    1. I *just* got that song out of my head. And now it's back. Jerk. :P

  2. We are getting snow tomorrow. Forecast to be in the 70's later in the week.

    1. Dang. I guess Mother Nature is off of her rocker everywhere then.

  3. Weather going from the 30's up to 69 on Thursday.

    We have a Cairo here in NY... I swear.. I've done this very same thing.

    ONLY I went to CAIRO!


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