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Sunday, March 25, 2012

And Spring Break is over.....

Finally. The kids go back to school tomorrow. As much as I love them, I am so ready for them to go back and for us to get back into a good routine again.

We've had a good break. It started out with fabulous weather for the first weekend, then rained for 4 days straight. But once the sun came back out, we spent lots of time outside playing, working in the yard, and going for walks. But, the boys are itching to go back to school. When I told them today that they were going back tomorrow, they both started jumping up and down with excitement.

We went to church this morning, and then this afternoon we went over to The Dude's house to help him work on a car. As it turned out, it didn't need as much work as we thought, but it started running again, so all is good in that department for now. After that we came back home and just hung out and relaxed for a while. Alex finished up some homework that he had forgotten to do before the break, so his backpack is ready to go by the front door.

While we were outside for a little bit earlier, I got some more pictures of the tulips that are blooming.

I can't get over the size of this one...that's my hand holding it.

Anyway, nothing very exciting going on around here. I'm hoping to be able to walk the boys to school tomorrow - Alex's training wheels got the better of him and I ended up having to take them off of his bike because they kept bending so badly, and he just can't get the hang of riding without them, so riding to school won't be an option until I can get him to ride on 2 wheels. So we'll see how it goes if we walk tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be decent all week, so hopefully we can pull it off with minimal whining.

Oh, and since I eliminated the caffeine last week? Down 2.2 pounds. Interesting....


  1. It probably wasn't just the caffeine, honey.....you eliminated the DP. Even though it was DP, it still wasn't good for you. :) I'm so proud of you. <3 I love you like a fat (or pregnant) kid loves cake. <3

    1. Love you too! And I know it wasn't just the caffeine, but eliminating the DP has made a huge difference - plus I'm trying to eat better in general.

      I just really want a soda. Now.

  2. How do you garden and keep your nails looking so clean? Even when I wear gloves, I get stains under my short nails. Secret?

    1. Well, I didn't actually do any gardening today, but when I do I usually try to wear gloves. They still get nasty though, and I have to pick all of the dirt out from under them. My nails are probably about the only 'girly' thing about me! LOL

  3. thanks for sharing the flowers amy, mine is still bare, i get them in the ground at somepoint in the meantime i'll just smell yours


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