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Monday, March 19, 2012

Another day in the life...

We didn't do anything terribly exciting today. It was nice being able to sleep in for a change, since this was the first "official" day of Spring Break for the kids. They actually let me sleep in much later than I expected, but then demanded that I get up to make them breakfast. But I fed them yesterday....

Sarah was still gone visiting a friend, so the 4 kids and I hung out and I cleaned and puttered around the house. They spent most of the day bickering over what movies to watch and what games to play, since it was raining almost all day. I could have sent them outside to play in the mud, but that would just create more of a mess for me to clean up so yeah, that wasn't happening. I do enough laundry and sweeping and mopping as it is.

After Sarah got home, we decided to get out of the house for a bit. We ended up going to Burger King for supper so that the kids could blow off some steam in the playground for a while and I could just sit and think somewhat coherently and make a to-do list.

It wasn't really storming out at all today, although there were a few rumbles of thunder and I saw a few flashes of lightning. It just pretty much rained all day, but it had stopped by the time we went out to eat. When we left the restaurant though, the sky looked super cool.

After we got home and I was trying to put laundry away, I got irritated because I can never find enough hangars for my clothes. I thought about going out to buy more, and then really started to look at my clothes. I don't have a closet - my stuff hangs on a rack (that I found in the yard when we moved in to this house) in the laundry room. And it was crammed full.

So I started looking through clothes and realized that I didn't really need any more hangars - I needed to get rid of some crap. I started going through and pulled out a bunch of stuff that I haven't worn in years, and some stuff that had been given to me that I never wore, and some stuff that was just downright hideous. It didn't make a huge difference, but I probably have about 15 empty hangars that I didn't have before, and 2 bags of stuff to be donated somewhere.

And it's all organized. For now.

Oh, and an added bonus? I found a couple of pairs of jeans that fit me that I didn't know that I had!

I'm actually hoping to go through it again and get rid of a few more things - it usually takes me 2 or 3 runs through the stuff to really thin it out - but it's going to be done. I have way too much crap in this house and a lot of it just needs to go elsewhere so that the next time we move, I don't have to deal with so much extra useless stuff.

Little by little, we're getting there. One of these days I'm going to go through that shelf that's over top of the clothes and get rid of 90% of the games and toys that are stashed up there. The kids have never really played with them, so they just need to go too.

Hopefully the weather will be a little nicer tomorrow and we can get back outside again. But, it doesn't look terribly promising. We'll just have to see what happens.


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