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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We decided to do something different today - the jury is still out on as to whether or not it was a good idea.

Since we still didn't have the van back from the shop, I walked up to Alex's school to get him and then we walked back to the house. Then we grabbed his bike and I let him ride his bike while I walked to get Daniel from his school.

He did pretty good to start with....

But, on the way back, when we were about a block away from the house, disaster struck. One of the training wheels fell off of the bike. Suddenly, he went from Look At Me I'm A Big Kid to a crying sobbing blubbering mess (might have been a combination of the broken wheel, the 100 degree temps, and just being tired from school). So now, I have to add "miraculously fix training wheel" to my list of things to do tomorrow.

Good news of the day, however, is that we did get our wheels back! Finally, all signs of The Great Flying Boulder Incident are gone.

It looks incredible. Not only did they replace the bumper and all that other stuff, but they washed it AND cleaned out the inside! I mean, it's like really really really clean, dude. And I didn't have to do it! AND they delivered it to my driveway when they were done with it.

However, they did forget one very important thing - something that I even made a point of telling them before they got started. So I had to run back to the dealership and get it, and they did make it right:

Good day, all in all.


  1. so glad you have your "wheels" back! What a pain with little ones in SO many directions!
    What did you forget? Your license plate?
    AND,is that a McDonald's in the background close to your house???? snoopy...I mean inquiring minds what to now..:)

  2. Yep, they forgot to attach my Penn State plate to the new bumper - but when I took it back they took care of it for me!

    And yes, that is a McDonald's - good eye! Not that we've been there in ages - I'm still boycotting them over the whole girl toy/boy toy thing. LOL

  3. Training Wheel Disaster!!!!
    Emry is convinced he doesn't need them anymore.
    I think I'm too apprehensive to believe him.

    McDonald's = P.I.T.A's
    This girl/boy toy dealy...not to mention that they never have the Toys Advertised on the TELVESION.
    "Mama I want THAT!"
    So we go... for the first time in ages, the day after I see this commercial... and they toys are shown on the Board Menu.... but NOOOOOOO not being given out yet.

    (vent spree finished)

  4. Kateri - I did get the training wheel debacle fixed today. Luckily I found a cheap fix, since apparently it is next to impossible to buy just a replacement wheel. So I got a couple of big washers, put on the axle-thingee, put the wheel back on, and voila! It works.

    I have avoided McDonalds for months. And it kills me. *sigh*


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