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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strawberries, anyone?

Facebook can be such a dangerous thing.

I got on there this morning, and in my news feed I saw this from a produce place in Wichita:

Unbelievable! Fresh, delicious strawberries 49 CENTS A 1lb. BOX! $3.49 a flat!

At first, I dismissed it, thinking that there was no way that there would be any left by the time that I got there. But, I made the mistake of calling them to see just how many they had...and I was assured that they had lots...

When I asked how much was in a "flat" I was told that it contained 8 pounds.

Really? 8 pounds of strawberries for $3.49?

They had a limit of 10 flats per customer. OK, I can deal with that. In the meantime, I talked to a friend of mine who was wondering if I could get some for him too. I took off to Wichita, and he called the place and was told that they would allow me to get 20 since he called and made the arrangements.

What does 20 flats of strawberries look like in a minivan? Something like this:

And then once they're brought into the house, they look something like this:

Not knowing exactly what we were getting ourselves into, we started doing the math. And after I made one batch tonight, I've determined that if we make all of these strawberries into jam, we will have 320 pints.


At this point, I believe I'll be preparing the berries and getting them into the freezer to keep them from spoiling, then I can tackle them a little bit at a time. There's no way I can come up with 320 empty jars. Not to mention the pectin and the sugar.



Strawberry jam, anyone?


  1. I so wish that we lived closer, because I would have totally gotten some of them...just to eat. I LOVE strawberries!!!! Heck of a find!

  2. Really? Good God girl...you were out of your mind. LMAO

  3. What an epic sale!!! I'm in Manhattan now, so I definitely missed out!

  4. HEY! YOU!

    You want to mail me some Jam?
    I'll take some JAM!

    Having a happier Friday today, and will post later on today, when I think of a good topic!

    Come read later... when your done Jamming... *giggles*

  5. That is alot.. We picked three flats this summer and got all our jam for the year, plus some frozen for smoothies, etc., made a pie, did some baking, and strawberry shortcake!! Not sure what I would do w/ 10 flats tho!! :) Good job on the great deal tho!!

  6. Yeah, I'm insane. Like there was any doubt before!

    Adrian - when are you coming back? We still need to do lunch!!!

    I have 6 out of my 10 flats cut up and in the freezer - I started cleaning them and chucking them into garbage bags (clean ones!) and putting them into the freezer just to get them done. Some of them are starting to get moldy so it's a race against the clock right now. I'm taking the other 10 down to my friend's house after I drop Alex off at school...

    It's another one of those days....


  7. Great post. I'm jealous. Listen - don't forget to cap the strawberries before you freeze them. (ask me how I know this tip) :)

    I need to talk to you. I can't find your e-mail address - so send me one @ kstottlemyer1997@yahoo.com

    and if I get spam - i'm assuming it came from your blog ;)

  8. I have been capping them! ;)

    And I just sent you an email so go check for it!



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