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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where in the world are we now?

So we left my parents' place this afternoon and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Dillsburg, which is where I grew up and still call "home".

We are staying with my friend Jeremy and his wife Marci. Jeremy and I graduated from high school together. We stayed with them two years ago - we stay in their camper in their yard and it is wonderful. We have our own little self-contained space! The kids are out there now watching a movie while the grownups camp out inside for a while before I head out there for the night.

Tomorrow we are visiting an old friend and one of my sisters. Saturday is a big party with people from high school.

More pictures and posts to come throughout the weekend!


  1. what a wonderful family picture...one I am sure you will treasure! Your mother is a really lovely lady...and (at least to me!) your oldest daughter certainly takes after her (as your 2nd daughter takes after YOU!) Your dad is a handsome man. I hope you have lovely memories to treasure and hold in your heart...so important.
    Sounds like a great time to be had in the next couple of days...have a blast (and TRY to be "kinda" good :)

  2. After last weekend, I am sure it will be nice to party with people you know. May your trip continue to be safe and happy.

  3. Partying with people I didn't know was pretty darned fun too! ;)


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