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Monday, July 11, 2011

Of course I couldn't go two days....

...but in my defense, I only did two small areas tonight.

I don't have a bedroom in this house, so I sleep on a futon. Which never gets folded up into the "couch" position, so there is almost always laundry piled on/around it. It's the perfect place to fold laundry, because I can watch TV at the same time. Stuff also seems to accumulate under it....

It's now clean, but I'm not folding it. As long as it's clean, it's good. The box under the left side is my quilting frame and the green thing is my duffle bag that will be going on TMOART:2011 so I just haven't bothered to put it back out in the garage with the other luggage.

The sewing area - which really didn't start out nearly as bad as it could have - or as it has in the past. This area can get pretty ugly in a matter of hours.

But, it's slightly cleaner now....and I even moved the sewing machine table and got all of the dust and lint out from under it. *sneeze* *cough*


  1. I'm jealous. I love your little sewing area. Al organized too. House is looking great!

    My posts would be the opposite, trying to make myself clean up for two days in a row!


  2. Heather, keep dreaming. Or, maybe after we get back from TMOART:2011 I'll come up and help you. Don't hold your breath though.

    Kar, it could be way more organized, but for now, it works. Of course, what you don't see is the ironing board off to the side that's stacked full of crap! LOL But that will be tackled tomorrow.

    I will get this place completely cleaned by the end of this week. My mission for the beginning of next week is to SLEEP before I have to drive a million miles.

  3. Some people find cleaning theraputic. At least you will have a clean house when you get back.
    I'm after Heather, please!


  4. I hate hate hate cleaning, but I always love how everything looks when it's done! My goal is to organize the entire house this summer. I may be looking to you for ideas and inspiration!

  5. Oh, I hate to do it too. If we didn't have this road trip coming up, I wouldn't be doing it. I just have to channel the nervous energy for good and do something productive with it!


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