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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Today was full of visiting.

My alma mater for the obligatory lion shrine photo op.
My favorite diner in State College for burgers.
What used to be my great-grandmother's house.
And we said hi to some family.

Lots of running today....but now it's time for supper. I might post more later if I have time.




  2. Thanks Granny! I was going to do more tonight, but Mom's computer is acting up and they're already in bed, so I can't reboot it since I don't know the password. But I will post more tomorrow, either from my phone or after I get to my friends' house tomorrow night.

    Only a few more days, and we head back to Kansas.

  3. Things I did not know. 1. You went to Penn State. Go State!
    Also - Did you put the gravestone next to "visited with relatives?"
    I hope you are having a great visit. Want to meet up for coffee when you are closer? If so - e-mail me.

  4. Kristen - I did go to Penn State! And I would love to hook up with you at some point! I'm on my phone so I will try to find your email address but if I don't shoot me one at amola11371 at gmail dot com.

    And yes - the visiting with relatives was at the cemetery. I'm twisted like that. LOL

  5. Wonder what's wrong with me...I never gave the "visiting with relatives" a 2nd thought...will be stopping through to tell mom "hi" when I head to my daughter's tomorrow :O) LOL

  6. yeah. I knew you put that caption and picture together. I was sitting here cracking up.

  7. I always say that I'm going to say hi to Gramma when I go to the cemetery. It just sounds cheerier than saying what I'm really doing.

    I have a ton more pictures from the cemetery that I need to post at some point. It's a really old one and there are some beautiful stones in it. It's huge and it's on a big hill (the side of mountain, really) and it's just a very picturesque place, if you can get beyond what it really is.


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