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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long day

We started out at 6am....I got the boys up and dressed and into the van and we took off to Wichita. The boys were armed with a stellar breakfast of donuts and Gatorade :) and were thrilled to be dropped off at my friend Tiffany's house for the day.

After I dropped them off, I headed a bit farther south to set up for today's show. I was thankful when I got there and found out that I didn't have to set up my tent - that makes setup and tear down so much easier!!

I loved watching the employees moving canteloupes from one end of the display area to the other - I kept waiting for one to get dropped, but they did it perfectly!

I almost felt like I was back home while I was looking at the row of antique tractors.

I found some interesting flowers getting ready to bloom back behind the main building....

....along with a beautiful grape arbor.

Sales were not fabulous, but I did win a $25 gift card to QuikTrip - woot! Add that to the "travel fund" for TMOART:2011!

Once the show was done, I packed up and headed back to Tiffany's to get the boys. They had a blast playing with her kids all day while she had a garage sale and it took me quite a while to convince them that yes, we had to go home.

We got home, I unloaded the van and put the seats back in, and then we decided to walk downtown for a bit. We stopped and bought some fireworks, and then were going to go to Wendy's for supper.
We ended up coming home first to drop our purchases off and then went to eat. We were going to eat there until a gentleman in the restaurant told me that we were under a tornado warning. So we hightailed it back home.

The tornado warning didn't last long, and technically didn't include us - but when there's imminent danger in one area, the entire county is included in the warning. The boys and I watched TV for a while before they went to bed.

Since they've gone to bed, I haven't done much. Wait, I did do my nails. Hah.

Seriously though, I haven't put anything from the show away yet, and I don't think I'm going to. I have a movie that I've been trying to watch for days, so maybe I'll do that, and then put everything away.

Tomorrow is going to be another long one. Church, shopping for a birthday present, birthday party about an hour away from here, then a Fourth of July party, then back home. We'll be running all over the place all day, but it'll be fun!

Oh, and I finally had a friend go through my old (and older) computers and pull all of the pictures off of them. Some of these pictures date back to at least 2004, maybe even earlier. I started going through them last night, and found myself tripping down memory lane. So be prepared for some old pictures to start resurfacing. ;)


  1. It's just so crazy that you live in Newton! I can't get over that! =)

  2. I know, right? I just tried to leave a comment on your blog - the one about guest blogs - but intensedebate hates me and I'm not sure if it posted or not.

    We totally have to do lunch or something.

  3. I can't wait to see some of the old pics that you found. I need to go through and get some of the old pics off my old computer and on to my new one.....I miss you guys.



  5. Jen - I'll be posting lots of them. I can't believe it took me this long to get around to getting them off of the old computers.

    Granny - lots of caffeine. Lots and lots of it. ;)


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