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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Movin' on

Getting things packed up and ready to go.....

It's been a fantastic weekend. So many things going through my head but no time. We need to get everything together and the van loaded so that we can pull out by 7am.

First stop tomorrow - Columbus, OH for lunch with my niece. Then Indianapolis, IN to meet a friend. Going to be fun!

More later........


  1. Safe trip...glad you and the kids had another good weekend. Nothing like hooking up(old school meaning)with old friends.

  2. Thanks hon! Glad we finally got to meet each other for real! LOL

    I just realized what a horrible picture that is. Oh well. Everything is pretty much packed other than what we need in the morning, so when we get up I just have to get a shower and toss the rest in the van and go....again. Not looking forward to leaving, but looking forward to seeing more family and friends along the way.


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