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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kids and a dog and lizards.....

So I mentioned earlier that we had gone to visit an old friend....

Greg and I have been friends since 1987 when we worked together at a local grocery store. We kept in touch, we lost each other, we found each other, lost each other again, we found each other again....you get the idea. I had planned to see him 2 years ago when we were back here but life got in the way and my plans got changed and it didn't happen.

Today, we made the trek across the river and we were finally able to visit in person - we were trying to figure it out, and we're thinking that it's been about 18 years since we've seen each other.

He has a couple of lizards...and a dog. Needless to say, the kids had fun playing with the animals.

Emily and Sarah were totally into the lizards. They really tried to convince me that we "needed" to get at least one. They were both shot down. Immediately and repeatedly.

Daniel wasn't too sure about it at first, and was really losing his cool over the dog for a good portion of the visit....

....not that you could tell by the end.

Greg, me, Daniel, and a critter.

Jared thought that the whole lizard thing was pretty cool.

For the record, Alex put the lizard on his own head. No one forced him to do this. Seriously.

We had a great time visiting, and I even got to have a stromboli from Your Place...mmmm....talk about heaven wrapped up in a golden crust - it was A-MAZ-ING! And it was just another comfort food that I haven't had in forever, and can only get back here.

I was thinking on the way back here about how cool it was to see Greg again after so many years, and how it seemed like it was just the other day that I saw him. Through the wonders of modern technology (aka facebook) we have been able to keep up with each others' lives and stay connected.

We are having a party here tomorrow, er, today - and there will be a bunch of people here from high school. Some I have seen in the past few years, and some I haven't seen since graduation, but yet I have "talked" to most of them fairly regularly over the past few years. It seems strange to know that we won't have to do as much "catching up" as we did at the last class reunion that I was able to attend (in 2002)

There are so many other stories about this trip and how it has been either made possible, made easier, or made more interesting by connections through the internet. As time goes on and I have more time on "real" computers, I will definitely tell some of those stories.

You might have to remind me though.....


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