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Monday, July 11, 2011

One more area....and a project....

I didn't sleep last night...well, maybe for a couple of hours, tops. I was up late chatting with a friend (I know, my own fault) and then when I finally laid down, I could not sleep for anything. I know it was at least 5:30am before I fell asleep, and then the boys had me up at 8:00 expecting to be fed. What nerve!

Anyway, I didn't do much throughout the day. We ran a few errands and I checked out a shop where I might put some of my stuff after we get back from TMOART:2011, but I'll go into more of that at some other time.

I did work on this area this evening. This is sort of the Sewing Area Part II. The ironing board stays up most of the time, which is incredibly annoying, but it's almost easier to leave it up and in the way than it is to constantly fold it up and put it away. Plus, the kids pretty much know that if there's a project started on the ironing board, they may meet an untimely death if they touch it.

The bins of pictures (the green things) were straightened out somewhat and stashed in the furnace room - neatly, I might add. One of our post-vacation projects will be going through 40 years of pictures and sorting. Hehe.

Oh, and I'm not even going to go into detail about what I found on the sticky spider trap that was under Gramma's corner shelf. Let's just say that there was a total of 46 legs on it, and it has been trashed and replaced with a fresh, super-sticky one.

The stuff on the ironing board is the beginnings of another project, that in my sleep-deprived state, I seem to think I'm going to start working on tonight. This could get interesting....any guesses as to what it will be? I have no idea what it's going to look like, but if it comes out looking even remotely close to the image in my head, it's going to be really cool!

On a ticked-off-mom note, I've been watching my friends' daughters off and on for a while whenever they needed someone. I love these little girls and they're a joy to be around. But, their mother called me today to tell me that the older of her girls doesn't want to come over anymore because Alex is always so mean. *sigh* I am so ticked off right now - absolutely not at my friend or her girls, but at Alex. OK, not even at Alex, but at the way that he behaves. I've been trying and trying and trying to get him to behave appropriately, and I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall. He's loud and boisterous and rambunctious and can be downright rough and mean when he wants to be. I've been working with him and he's even been going to counseling to try to get things straightened out, and I feel like it's just not working. He's the type of kid that needs to be outside running every second that he's awake in order to burn off his excess energy, but I just can't realistically do that.

So I sat him down today and told him what his friend said - that she doesn't want to come over here anymore because he's mean. We talked about it and I tried to explain to him that if he doesn't straighten up and start behaving better, no one is going to want to play with him. We talked at length about it. I don't know if anything sunk in or not, but he and Daniel have actually been playing pretty nicely today.

Of course, they acted like total spazoids when we were running errands today. *ripping hair out*

Anyway, going to get the boys into bed and start working on my project. But I am NOT staying up all night. No no no no. I'm not. Midnight is my limit, if I even make it that long.

Uh huh. Sure.


  1. I need to sort through pictures too. I dread it because every time I do, the kids come along and mess up my neatly-organized stacks of what goes where. So now a whole bunch of them are languishing in a wicker basket under the desk that holds the tv.

  2. Ugh. I know. Those bins are full of old pictures - and when I say old, I mean old from my childhood. Some are in old photo albums but most of them have been scrambled up and are in no order whatsoever. I have a bunch of empty albums, so at least I'm not going to have to spend a fortune to sort them all out, but it is going to take F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to do it.

    I won't even go into the *thousands* of pictures that are on my computer. Ay yi yi....

  3. Oh man, I have thousands of pictures on my external hard drive. Some I took, Some Emry took, and I try at least once a month to print out some of my favorites and get them in a frame or in a memory book... doesn't happen all that often.... I always forget.

    And as for your Ticked Mommy Moment, Can I jump on that wagon with you? Emry is just about the same, as in, he needs to run all the time, just to burn off the excess energy... and sometimes, he can be mean to with his friends, I try to point it out and have him immediatley apologize. But sometimes, it just doesn't happen. He was playing outside with one of his friends yesterday, and when it was his turn to give up the bike, instead of giving it to his friend, he scowled, and pushed it away so his friend had to walk for it. I was like "OMG, seriously?" I made him apologize so fast. And he's rough sometimes too.
    I think instead of a bed in his room, he needs a treadmill... keep him running, keep him calm.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  4. Ohhh. So you were the mom at the grocery store that I heard trying to get a hold of her kids yesterday? =) Juuuust kidding.

    I think it's awesome that you're able to sit down and talk with your kids about stuff like "being mean." I don't know that I ever had a talk like that with either of my parents. It's a wonder that I have friends at all!

  5. Kat - a treadmill in the room - you know, that's not a bad idea! LOL

    Adrian - ugh, and I only had two of them yesterday. You would think that it would make the wrangling easier. But man....*sigh*

  6. I so need to get my pics organized. UGh. It's such a daunting task, I'd just as well keep putting it off. {bad mama alert}

    Sweet of you to chat with your kiddo about kindness and friendship...even if it may have gone in one year and out the other. Keep up the great work, mom!

  7. Yeah, the pictures are definitely waiting until after vacation. There's no way I could get that done before we left. That may be the next "major" project that I tackle.

  8. ugh don't get me started on pictures..haven't gotten my almost 10 year olds done, never mind Little Man's!!

  9. Hi from your peeps in Virginia (Bill, Cindy, Cody, Meagan and Madison...and the cats). TMOART.....Perhaps its explained in another post we cannot find. Take me on a road trip? The Mom on a road trip? Do tell!

    We're happy you guys had fun, and we got to be a part of it. We were thrilled to hear the VA stop was tops on the trip for the kids. We weren't treating it as a competition, but that kind of feedback is always nice.

    Glad you all made it home safely. Maybe see you on the next big trip east. Take care.

    =The Tori Lane Crew, Goochland, VA

  10. Hehehe! Hi guys!

    TMOART:2011 is short for The Mother of All Road Trips: 2011 Edition. I wasn't creative enough to come up with a new name for this one vs. the one we did 2 years ago, so I just stuck the "2011" after it.

    So glad to have met you guys, and thank you again for everything!!! The kids definitely want to come back (as do I)!


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