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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Picture it: July 2005

I mentioned last night that some old pictures have resurfaced.

This is what happened:

When I moved to Kansas in January 1998, I bought a computer. And I put a lot of pictures on it. Then a few years later, I acquired a computer through my job, and I put a lot more pictures on that one. Over the years, I acquired a third computer (the one that I'm using now) and it has about a bajillion pictures on it.

Meanwhile, I've been toting the two old computers around, not wanting to get rid of them until I could get the pictures off. Since one didn't even have a CD drive, and one had a CD drive but not a burner, I was at a loss.

Then I remembered my wonderful friend Matt, who in my eyes is a computer genius. I handed the computers over to him, and within hours he had all of my pictures on a CD. *happy dance* I traded him a loaf of hot fresh banana bread for the CD.

I've been tripping down memory lane ever since. Pictures from these two old computers will be resurfacing, as some of them are just too good not to share! And face it, some of them are just wonderful blackmail material.


Picture it: Wichita, July 2005.

It was the day after Emily's 4th birthday, which would make Sarah about 5 1/2 and Jared just over a year old. We went to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

At the hippo exhibit, you can go down "under" them, and on rare occasions you can see them swim by the glass. It's hard to catch them, and the water is so murky that they're usually just a blurry blob as they float by.

This is easily one of my most favorite pictures of all time. Easily. That's Sarah, with her hand up on the glass "touching" the hippo's foot.


  1. "just a blurry blob as they float by."

    Made my day. And the photo has buoyed me.

  2. She still talks about that day, and anytime we go to the zoo (multiple times each summer) we try to see the hippos while they're swimming. I think in the 6 years since this picture was taken, it happened once but they still weren't close to the glass.

  3. Good lord.....they were SO little. <3 I can't wait to see some of the other pictures you found from 2005...... :) I miss you guys.

  4. Hi Granny!!! :)

    Jen - I'll be posting lots of them - so many memories have been found!!

  5. I LOVE going through old pictures! =) My mom records everything on her camcorder, so sometimes we just sit and watch old home videos. Love it. Technology isn't ALL bad.

  6. Love the hippo photos! That water is murky because of all the poop, ewww!

  7. Adrian - the pictures that I have seen on this CD so far are just so amazing! Ones from when I was pregnant with Alex (who is now 5 1/2) and from when he was born, ones from when I met Ex2, and just various wonderful memories!

    MamaMash - you got that right! They supposedly clean that water daily but it is still just nasty! LOL

  8. Great photos! Looks like fun.


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