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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The last few days...

Just some random pictures from the past couple of days....

My new shoes finally arrived on Friday morning - in a standard size shoe box. Not the magical shape-shifting box that FedEx had me convinced that they were using to travel across the country, but just a normal old box. We were all just kind of hanging out, laying around, thinking about getting up and getting dressed, when the mailman scared the crap out of all of us by knocking on the door to hand me the package - he had a very law enforcement officer sounding knock for some reason. But the terror created by his knocking was quickly diminished when I realized that it was just the mailman, and he had my shoes!

I am not a "name brand shoes" kind of girl - but I couldn't beat
the price on these and I'm just hoping that they actually last!

And ok, I have to admit - this is really cool. 
Goofing around with Jared before we all actually
got up and got moving.

So after we all got up (for real - I had been up earlier to take Alex and Daniel to school, but the other 3 were off) The Dude and I took Emily and Jared out to brunch before taking them back over to their father's house. We just went to a local place so that we could get breakfast or lunch or whatever we wanted. This place is cool because each table has different sports cards under glass - we sat at the baseball table this time. The Dude and Emily really got into discussing baseball, but Jared was too busy blowing bubbles in his chocolate milk to really care about anything else going on around him.

The Dude left from there to go do some mechanical work before he had to go to work, and I took the kids over to their father's house. After I dropped them off, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision and stopped at the local real estate place just to touch base and see if they had anything available since we're trying to get moved. The person who I needed to talk to wasn't there (of course) but she should be contacting me soon. After that, I came back to town and stopped at a mortgage place - again, spur-of-the-moment - and actually got to sit down with a lady (who I had dealt with before) and we were able to go over my credit report and do some figuring on what I could afford if we decided to actually buy a place right now. I was actually surprised at how good things look for me in that department - there are a few questionable things on my credit report, but nothing major. I have to make some phone calls about those on Monday morning and see what I can do with them, but at this point I am happy to say that we are officially looking for a new place to live.

After all of that, I had to pick Alex and Daniel up from school, and Daniel greeted me with this face. Yep, someone had a birthday and brought cupcakes to school. Apparently they ate them as they were walking out the door and didn't have time to wash their faces! All I could do was laugh at him and then attempt to wipe it off with an old bottle of water and a crumpled up napkin that I found in the van. Hey, it worked. Sort of.

My office. Granted, I've cleaned it since I took the picture, but this
is where I'm spending the majority of my time this weekend as I work
on a new project or three.

Daniel and I decided to take a walk to return
some movies, get some more, and maybe get
some junk food since it's just the two of us here
for about 24 hours.

***Note: I apologize for the horrendous formatting on this post. I don't know what provoked my blog to have an attitude tonight, but apparently something did. It's not cooperating, and I'm tired of fighting with it. So, you get an ugly post. I'll do better tomorrow. I hope.

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  1. Wow, I'm all caught up. I have been reading here and there when I got a minute since the beginning of January.


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