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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun, in spite of it all.

The Dude and I got to spend most of yesterday together. We're going through some rough stuff right now but in spite of it all we had such a good time together. I promised to talk about some of those - and I need to offset some of the blah that I'm feeling right now anyway.

You might remember when the universe decided to chuck a rock at my windshield. As it turns out, my insurance does NOT cover windshield damage. But, they referred me to a guy who would still fix it for no charge. So I called the guy and scheduled the appointment, and sure enough he does it for free. Can't beat that.

So we drove to Wichita, dropped off the van, and walked to a nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch. I very rarely eat Chinese food - ever since the time that I rang in the New Year by hugging the toilet for about 8 hours after eating some of it. *shudder* But, it was nearby and it was cold, so we didn't want to walk  much farther than that.

The Dude is the King of the Claw Machine - he can't walk past one of those things without putting a couple of quarters into it, and more often than not he walks away with something. I went into the restroom before we left the restaurant, and he handed me this little guy when I walked back out of the door.

While we were in town, we also took both of my sewing machines in to the repair shop. My "new" one just needs to be serviced and adjusted (gee, I wonder why....) and my "old" one needed to be fixed. I had gotten it serviced about a month or so ago, and then just a few days later the tension knob just broke off of it - or so I thought.

We walked into the shop carrying both machines and the repair guy and I were talking about quilting machines and quilt shows as he wrote up my ticket, and I showed him my broken tension knob. He said, "oh, that's not broken!" and started tinkering with it while we talked. After about 10 minutes, he had it reassembled and handed it back to me - at no charge. So instead of being without both of my machines, I'm only missing one of them and I only have to pay to get that one fixed. Score!

From the You Gotta' Love Wichita files.....

I think someone needs to loose their ad agency. Or the ad agency
needs to loose their proofreader.

Thank you so much, local businesses, for clearing your parking lots.
How about doing the same for your sidewalks? I really didn't
appreciate having to climb over 2' high piles of snow to get to where
I needed to go. 
I'm still always amazed at how he and I can have such a good time doing even the most mundane stuff. But from what I understand, that's what relationships are supposed to be like so I shouldn't complain. There are some other stories that I could tell about yesterday - but some of them I am going to keep to myself. I need to be able to have some blackmail material just in case the need ever arises.

Tomorrow's agenda: church. oil change. laundry. cleaning.

Excitement. It never stops.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get out and soak up life - that is really important and I am so glad the Dude is right there to walk beside you and to surprise you with claw machine treasures.My kids' dad used to do that too, I seriously still have 5 giant trash bags full in my storage unit. LOL

  2. Sounds like a good day for the both of you.
    Glad your windshield and sewing machine issues worked out!

    Remember: Mundane can be good OR Don't fix it if it isn't broke OR NEVER use the word BORED because usally after that is said you won't be.

    Take care.

    M :)


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