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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So we blew up some stuff...

One of the good things about living where we live is that the rules about fireworks around the 4th of July are pretty lenient, compared to some other areas. The fireworks tents get set up and opened for business by June 30 and we can get a ton of fireworks for not a whole lot of money.

The boys have been driving me insane, asking when we could go and get some, so after we got done looking at houses today, we took a walk to one of the tents in town.


Burning off some energy

Under $50. We didn't get a lot of the big stuff this year - it's
just too dry and too risky to mess with it.

Shopping.  Although they seemed fascinated by the
table covering.

OK, we had a small fire.

Yes. I need to mow. I know.

The smoke bombs were not as potent this year.

The parachute landed in the tree.


He'll hold them, but he won't swing them around just yet.
We only blew up and/or burned a few things tonight, and saved the bigger ones for later. Tomorrow I have to work during the day, and then the girls have 4 (yes, 4) basketball games so we probably won't do any more until Thursday night - which is fine with me.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! LOL Looks like how our day went as well. If my kids and husband had their way they would have blown everything up tonight. I told them they needed to save the rest for Thursday (I get to work tomorrow too, and then when I get home cook for our 4th of July BBQ).

  2. Aw! I love fireworks!

    Enjoy your 4th of July.


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