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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy day...

...but what else is new?

I dropped the boys off at school and then got a text from Ex1 asking me if I was coming to Sarah's honor roll assembly this morning. Which was happening in 20 minutes. 15 miles away.

So as I attempted to hightail it out of town to get there even remotely close to on time, I got stuck in the traffic (traffic? this town never has traffic!) from not one, but TWO accidents that happened within a block of each other. I took off and whipped (carefully) through some residential neighborhoods to get around the idiots traffic and got on my way again, only to get caught behind a bike that was pulling a buggy. Seriously. It was a bike. A regular old 10-speed type bike. With a buggy. And a guy who looked like he was really really tired who was pedaling along on his merry little way in front of me.

Needless to say, that didn't last long. I got around him as quickly as I could and took off again.

I made it to the school just as they called Sarah's name and she walked across the stage. Granted, I might have been wearing the clothes that I slept in last night (plus a sweatshirt over top) and I might have looked like absolute crap, but at least I did brush my teeth before I left the house and I did put some deodorant on (I think). And at least I was wearing sweats, and not pajama pants. And I was there.

So anyway, I left the school and headed back towards town, intent on getting stuff done that I really needed to do....

....oh look! My favorite bull was close to the road this time! Yes, I had to stop and take his picture again - but he wouldn't moooove out from behind the gate. *snicker*

(Speaking of this gorgeous guy, did you see the cover photo on my facebook page?)

I got back to town, and I did my civic duty.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.
Notice the shirt? What a goober.

And then The Dude came over and took me out to lunch (wait, wasn't I supposed to be getting stuff done around the house today?) and .....

.... there are so many stories that I could tell about that lunch. But, I'm going to save some of them. There are stories about snorting whiz, peepee hands, having a keeper, and Vegas - but not necessarily in that order. One of the things that I love about him is that we laugh together. Constantly. We laugh with each other and at each other on a regular basis - and it's awesome.

After lunch, we got the oil changed in my van, which resulted in more fun - but truth be told I am just so thankful that he is willing and able to do this kind of stuff for me. And it's not even like he does it for me - we do this stuff together. And it's fun.

Did I mention that he always makes me laugh?

The last thing of the day was going to Sarah's first Scholar's Bowl. The Dude kept Alex and Daniel here at the house so that I could go by myself since I wasn't really sure what to expect - and it's a good thing too because they never would have stayed quiet for that long.

The kids on her team did well, but not as good as they needed to in order to win. But, this was their first time out and it was obvious that they were nervous, especially at the beginning. As the evening progressed, I could see their confidence building. I can't wait to see how well they do as the season (do they call it a season?) continues.

After I got home, The Dude took off to his place, I got the boys in bed, did a little bit of cleaning, and then set the mousetraps in the kitchen. I can hear something out there messing around, but I refuse to move from my spot until I hear a trap snap - which will hopefully be soon. The Dude actually witnessed the mouse stroll out of the laundry room and cruise around the kitchen for a few minutes before strolling back into the laundry room - so not only is he in my house uninvited, but he's brazen too. That will end, and it will not end in a good way for the mouse.

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