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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The bazaar...

So today was the bazaar at my church. I set most of my stuff up last night, tweaked it and added a few things this morning, then settled in with the hand sewing that needed to be done on the quilt to finish it.

The crowd was steady and sales were good all day long. I brought home considerably less than what I took in, which made me happy because those boxes of jars are HEAVY! My arms are sore from carrying them around - I am totally out of practice for these shows.

While I didn't bring home quite as much money as I would have liked to, I still did very well. I'm happy with it, and it already enabled me to  pick up a few little extra things that I wanted (hello, flash drives for digital picture storage) as well as a few things that we needed (hello, toilet paper).

The Dude was a huge help. He kept Daniel all day while I worked the show, and he came and got Emily from me (she was helping) and took her to Ex1's church for me so that she could attend a wedding over there. He took Daniel back over to his place while I packed everything up and brought it home - and I literally just dumped it in the middle of the living room floor before I went back over there for a while. I want to go through and sort some of it out a bit better before I actually put it away - but I'm planning on doing that tomorrow after church (if my sore muscles will let me go).

Alex won't be home until tomorrow evening, so it's just going to be me and Daniel during the day tomorrow - I foresee lots of cleaning and organizing, and maybe a nap thrown in just for good measure - and because he's the only kid who will still take a nap with me. The boys don't have school on Monday, so I'm looking forward to maybe sleeping in a little bit that day.

We'll see if that happens or not.


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