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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A look into my drawers...

....or one of them at least.

I spent the majority of the day working on about 87 loads of laundry. OK, maybe not 87.....but I did do at least 6-7 loads today, and even put it all away as it got done (a small miracle).

As I was working on a load of my clothes, I realized that I had to fight entirely too much to get all of my t-shirts into my drawer. Granted, I have the smallest dresser ever owned by an adult, but still...I shouldn't have to wrestle with the shirts and the drawer in order to get it to close the whole way. Opening it is even worse, because the top shirts get stuck, and blah blah blah...you get the idea.

I've tried rolling them. I've tried folding them in different ways. The point is - I have entirely too many t-shirts. And I keep getting rid of them, but at the same time, every time I do a race, I get another one - herein lies the problem.

So I sat down tonight and went through my t-shirts. I found 7 from actual races, 4 from walks and other events, and there are 3 more long-sleeved ones from races hanging with my other clothes.

Pile on the left: walks and other events
Pile on the right: races
And a happy drawer that will now close.
Fourteen shirts from runs and walks. That's a lot of shirts.

And I don't want to get rid of them - I busted my butt for those shirts. But I just don't have room for them anymore. So what's the solution?


Yep, they're going to get turned into a quilt. It's not going to happen until at least the first of the year - just in case I manage to squeeze another race in before then. That way, if I do, I can make the quilt from all of my "2012 and before" shirts, and then start saving more for the next quilt.

I know I had said at this time last year that I wanted to do one race every month this year - I didn't make that goal, but I did end up doing 9 (I think) different events if I remember correctly. Maybe next year I can actually do 12. I already know that the half-marathon is on May 5 - and I'm going to do it again even if it kills me.

If I keep this up, I wonder how many quilts I'll eventually have.....


  1. Your drawers are BEAUTIFUL!

    Mine.. well... not so much!

    1. Ha! My drawers are entirely too small! I need a bigger dresser in a really big way!

  2. Nice dresser :p and fantastic solution to your dilemma. I love homemade quilts and that one will be so unique.


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