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Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's a squirrel...it's a ghost.....it's a.....?

So I was sitting here earlier tonight just a-typin' away, with the long fake nails clacking on the keyboard, and I heard it.

Chewing and scratching. And it was loud.

I couldn't tell where it was coming from, so I grabbed the broom and started tiptoeing around the living room - because a broom is going to protect me from all that is evil, right?


Anyway - whatever it was, it was loud. Now, I've had issues with squirrels or something in my attic, but this sound came from floor level so if it was a squirrel, I had a real problem. And I've had issues with a ghost in here too (don't laugh - I'll tell that story at some point). And of course, I've had issues with mice.

I knew realistically it was a mouse, but it was kind of entertaining to come up with the crazy versions of what was happening too.

Anyway, I narrowed the sound down to the area around the couch, so I pulled it out from its spot.



Honestly, I had hoped for the ghost or the squirrel. If it was squirrels, the professionals would be called in to deal with it, and I could just go hide somewhere until it was gone. Like it was really going to be a squirrel....

If it was the ghost...meh, I've been dealing with him for a while. He's annoying, but other than occasionally throwing random objects around the house or appearing as a flying .... thing ..... he's harmless. He doesn't really bother me all that much.

But no, it has to be a mouse. Which means that I have to get traps. And I have to set them. And then I have to deal with their little dead carcasses and all of the other crap that goes along with going on a mouse hunt.

And because I tend to go overboard at times, while I had the couch pulled out from its place, I decided to tear the bottom off of it to try to fix the padding that came away from the one arm of it. I don't know how in the heck it happened, but when I sit on *my* end of the couch, there is absolutely no padding on the arm of it - it's just the fabric and then the wood underneath it. And it sucks. So I tore the bottom of the couch apart (tried to put a screwdriver through  my hand in the process) and put the padding back in place over the wood. So much better to sit there now! And then of course I had to vacuum under the cushions. And mop under the couch.

In other news of the day, Daniel and I just basically hung out. I was (overly) tired from the bazaar yesterday, so we opted to stay home from church and relax this morning. I did some laundry and cleaning (go figure) and we just chilled. Later this afternoon, we took off to get some grease and salt at the only fast food joint in town that has a playground so he could run off some steam and I could sit and relax some more. Of course I sat there and made a to-do list and balanced my checkbooks too. But he played and had fun.

We went later in the afternoon, thinking that it wouldn't be busy, but it was packed. And loud. And full of kid who were completely obnoxious and unsupervised. Really though, I should have expected it to be packed since I went out dressed in full Domestic Goddess attire - oh yeah, I was *that* mom today. And I didn't really care.

After we left there, we took the van to the carwash to vacuum the past few months' worth of crap out of it. Oh, it was ugly. But I figured that while I only had one kid and already had some of the seats pulled out of it, this was the perfect time to do it. I have no idea how many times I had to put more quarters in the vacuum - I think at least 3 - but the interior was clean when we left. After we got home, I put the seats back into it and then worked on getting the rest of the craft stuff from the bazaar put where it belonged. I got invited to set up at another one in 2 weeks, so I'm trying to decide if I want to do that one or not. I guess ultimately it depends on if I can get someone to watch the kids.

I swear, there's never a dull moment around here.

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