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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another project done.

So it wasn't a huge project, but I've been putting it off longer than I should have - and since this one actually has a deadline, and other people involved, I figured that I'd better get off of my butt and do it.

Yep that is ONE ROW of a quilt. However, I have no idea what the other 4 rows are going to look like, because I'm not doing them. Random people across the country are going to do the other rows, and I'm going to do rows for their quilts.

I'm participating in this thing called a "Row Robin" - basically, there are 5 quilters in a group. We each make a row, however we want to make it. Then we mail our row to the next person, and she adds a row to it, and the she mails it to the next person who adds a row, etc. We can say that we want to go with a certain theme, or color scheme, or whatever - but each person gets to add their own interpretation to the next row. And eventually, we get our quilt top back with 5 rows on it.

I've already received the row from the person before me - hers is a "rustic fall" row, so I get to dig out fabrics that go with that theme and then create a row to add to hers before I send it on to the next person. I've never done one of these before, so I'm really pretty excited.

The only thing that I still have to do with mine is type up the directions, because I want everyone to use the same pattern, but different fabrics so that it ends up like a crazy quilt - because, well, I'm crazy.

I'm also hoping to get this done and packaged up tonight so that I can walk it to the post office tomorrow, since I've been totally slacking in that department lately. I need to get back out there and do it, especially with the impending holiday overeating that I know I'm going to do.

We'll see how well that works.....

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