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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The randomness that was my day.

Holy wow. This has been a super productive day.

I managed to get up a little bit earlier than usual (ick) and got all of my bills paid (yay) before I took the boys to school, and then I took off and headed out for my walk that I promised myself. It was a chilly 30ish degrees when I left the house, so I had to bundle up a bit - but it was beautiful and sunny and it felt so incredible to get back out there again.

I always wonder how this tree stays upright...

Winter wheat poking through the ground...
Always the height of fashion *snort*

Old sign

Part of "my" trail. It's so much prettier when things are green.
 6.23 miles and a quick shower later, and I got my act together enough to go get gas in the van and go pick up The Dude so that we could go grocery shopping. We decided to head to a discount grocery store, and at the same time met up with a friend who was collecting coats for the homeless - so we both got rid of some stuff that's been gathering dust in our closets. Bonus!

It might not look like a ton of groceries, but it's more than 3/4 of what was on my list for the month, and it only cost about $124 - by the time I get the rest, and with the odds and ends that I'll have to pick up throughout the month, we might get by with only spending about $200 on groceries - definitely a score at the grocery store!

On the way back home from the grocery store, I decided that I was going to splurge a bit. I don't drink very often, but lately I've been in the mood for some wine so I stopped at the liquor store. I wandered up and down the aisles before I picked - and yes, I picked these based solely on their names.

I'm a little lot more twisted than I what I usually
admit to on here. Don't judge.
I also managed to get a bunch of laundry done, make some cookies for the kids' lunches, and get a Christmas tree. Granted, the tree is still on the front porch, but at least we have it in our possession.

8 feet of fabulous, wonderful-smelling, glorious

And finally - another one to add to the "my kids can sleep anywhere" files...


  1. Ok, only ONE gallon of milk? I call BS. I don't make from scratch nearly as much as you & we go through 2 gals every 1.5 days!!

    And he is SO STINKING CUTE! I'm kidnapping him next time ya'll make it this way!

    1. I use a lot of powdered milk for baking - and I have a tiny crappy fridge, so yeah, I usually only buy one gallon at a time. Two if the kids are off school for break or something. :P

      If you kidnap one, you get all of them. You don't get to pick and choose!

  2. Did you go to that store on Meridian or where were all your awesome finds? Oh and this is Annessa - I don't have any of these cool accounts :)

    1. I didn't hit that one yet, but I need to because I need some spices and they're way cheaper in bulk there. We actually went to Aldi's this time - I've only been there a few times, but this was definitely the best score that I've ever gotten.


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