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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm back! So...you want to see the quilt?

I've been kind of MIA for the past couple of days - my computer monitor decided to die on me, and while I could still play around on my facebook page, it's just way too hard to blog from my phone. So I just took a break. But now, thanks to The Dude and his spare monitor, I'm back up and running!

I did finish the quilt, and I delivered it yesterday. But, before I show you that, I have a couple of other fun pictures first.

 This is my crazy rosebush in front of my house. Apparently, the rose did not get the memo that it's already mid-October and we've already had below-freezing temperatures a couple of times. I don't know why I'm surprised - I have pictures of it blooming last year (or was it the year before?) in November or December.  Silly thing.
For a more seasonal look, my mums are also blooming. They actually don't look that fabulous though - I had planted them last year in pots on my front steps, and never did anything with them. I figured that I'd just have to replace them every year, because I didn't realize that mums were the kind that came back (I can never remember if those are annuals or perennials). Anyway, they started growing again this spring, and they're really tall and scraggly because I didn't pinch them back or whatever it is that I was supposed to do with them. Oh well - live and learn, right?

Later this afternoon, we heard a bunch of sirens - which to be honest, is not that common in this town. I looked outside and realized that there was something happening, but I couldn't tell what it was at first. And then I heard the roar!

Yep, it's Toy Run time again!

Hundreds of bikers were cruising past, so of course the kids and I ran out to watch. They definitely had a beautiful day weather-wise to do it.

Kids walking back to the house after watching
the Toy Run.
So, the quilt.

It's done. I'm not 100% happy with it, because of the issues that I had with my machines. But, I was able to borrow another machine from a friend and got the quilting done on it. But I think all in all, in came out ok.

Here are a few shots of it in progress:

Still on the frame, but done with the quilting.

Quilting done, off of the frame, ready to be trimmed.

Trimming the batting/backing to size

Attaching the binding.

And, voila! Done.

I miss my clothesline. That always made it so much easier to get pictures of finished quilts! But many thanks to The Dude, Emily, and Jared for helping me to get this shot!

Also, I did shoot some video of the actual quilting process so that those who were wondering could get a better idea of how the whole quilting frame gizmo worked - BUT, because of my slow internet connection, it is taking well over an hour to upload a 5ish minute video. Once that's uploaded though, I will post that as well. And if you want to see it, and don't see me post it, feel free to nag me about it.


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