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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh wait....was there a holiday today?

For those of you who expected me to be all sappy and drippy because it's Valentine's Day - forget it. Ain't going to happen. Even though I am in a relationship now (a very happy one), I still don't really like this day.

But still, for my bah humbug attitude about the day, this was still too cute. I forgot to have Alex fill out his Valentine cards for school, even though the list of names came home over a week ago. So we got up a few minutes early today so that he could fill out the cards and get them ready to take to school. He was thrilled and was even more thrilled to come home with his bag of goodies. OK, so I confess that I might have swiped a lollipop and a pack of Smarties out of his bag after he went to bed - just because I don't like the day doesn't mean that I shouldn't get to reap some of the benefits from it. Besides, he doesn't need all of that sugar. Yeah, that's it. He doesn't need the sugar......

Anyway, I might have had a better attitude about this particular day if I hadn't decided to crash and burn in my living room this morning. Yes, I fell. I was walking around, cleaning stuff up while I was on the phone (hands-free) and I stepped on a stray hanger that someone left on the floor. It slipped out from under me and I crashed. Hard. But in that slo-mo fall (in my head it was slo-mo) I realized that I was about to bash my head against the sewing machine stand and so I twisted as I went down and landed between the sewing machine and the chair. That twist proved to be the wrong move, since my lower back has been screaming at me ever since.

I took Daniel to school and made it over to The Dude's house - he wasn't in much better shape because of some issues that he has with his neck, so we ended up laying around watching some horrible zombie movie.

OK, he watched, I napped.

That's romance, right there. Zombie movies and a nap.

After I picked the boys up from school, I came back home and worked on laundry (slowly) and cleaning up around the house (even more slowly). I did manage to get quite a bit done, in between taking breaks to sit down against the heating pad.

And then I cleaned out one of my email accounts (one down, three to go)...

I think I might try to finish my taxes tonight too. Or maybe I'll just be lazy and read instead.

And hopefully by tomorrow, The Dude and I will both be able to move with minimal pain.


  1. Sorry to hear about your back.

    Do you have a heating pad? That would help.

    Zombie Movie and Nap... Well, that was almost a doppleganger of my night, so, yup... that's romance.

    1. I was one with the heating pad most of the evening last night - it definitely helped. Between that and the ibuprofen, I am moving much better today - not 100% yet, but getting there.

  2. hope you are feeling better!! Back pain (or any) is no fun!!

    1. I'm getting there. It locked up on me a couple of times yesterday, but today it's just been a little sore. Hopefully with more ibuprofen and time with the heating pad, it'll be all better soon!


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