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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Craptastic day

I knew that it wasn't going to be a stellar day from the beginning...but wow, I was not expecting it to be quite as brutal as it turned out to be.

It started out with getting up late. Not terribly late, but late enough that we didn't have time to mess around for very long. Ms. Emily refused to get out of bed, and ended up finally getting up about 10 minutes before we had to leave. I was not impressed.

Somehow, I still managed to get all of the kids to their assorted schools on time, and at least had a pretty sunrise to look at, until I started heading the opposite direction and had it right in the face. But still....it was gorgeous.

I got Alex to his school before we realized that he had left his backpack at home - you know, the one that I reminded him to pick up on the way out of the house. He started to pitch a fit before he got out of the van and I gave him the look and sent him on his way.

Daniel and I came home and I did some cleaning and stuff around the house, but I just wasn't in the mood to do anything. Honestly, I was just in a crappy mood. Mother Nature is not being kind to me, and as I just explained to The Dude, I really have just been a stark raving lunatic all day today.

I got a bill from the hospital for my emergency room visit a couple of weeks ago, and I called them to work out payments and stuff - and it got ugly. Without going into details, they made an error, I told them to correct it, and they told me that I'd have to correct it. Uh, sorry - I don't correct other people's errors. You people made the mistake, you fix it. After getting into a rather heated discussion screaming match, she supposedly fixed it. But it was a stupid frustrating couple of phone calls and did absolutely nothing except make me extremely angry.

The kids have been all sorts of hyped-up ever since they got home from school. We had to go to the store to get some stuff, and while they weren't their usual psycho-selves in the store, they sure didn't act like angels. By this time, I didn't care. I was tired, cranky, sore, and more than a little bit irritable so I broke my No Fast Food rule and we stopped at Wendy's to grab food for supper. I just didn't care at that point.

There was drama over missing and horribly overdue library books - which were thankfully located at Ex1's house, after the offender insisted that (1) she never signed them out (2) someone must have stolen them (3) maybe she returned them to the wrong library (4) suddenly remembered exactly where they were.

An empty chocolate chip bag was found in the boys' room - that offender immediately confessed, knowing that lying at that point was futile. He went to bed at 6:30 and hasn't been heard from since.

Emily was sent to bed at 8:00 after her refusal to get up this morning - I told her on the way to school that she was going to bed early so she was prepared for it, but of course at 8:05 she came back out of her room to inform me that she had to study for a math test. *growl*

The rest of the kids have exactly 4 minutes to get to bed - and I swear at this point I had better not hear a single complaint because I am not in the mood. I'm not staying up late tonight - I'm going to bed and hopefully sleeping off this mood and waking up tomorrow all sorts of chipper and cheerful feeling somewhat rational again.

On the plus side, I did sign up for another race - I am determined to stick to my goal of doing one race per month for the year, so this will take care of February. It's a 5 mile race on February 11 - which is also the day that the girls have an honor band thing. Needless to say that's going to be a crazy day, but I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have a crazy day.

On that note, I'm dangerously close to calling it a night. I will attempt to be nicer tomorrow. But I'm not promising anything.


  1. *smiles*

    I understand.
    And am very empathetic.


  2. breathe :)
    you survived that day!! i think you're a frigging supermom, so there's that too. hope today is better for you!!

    1. I did survive, and so did the kids. And that's all that's important, right? And no, no supermom status here - just doing what I do. :)




    1. Sleep is good. Sleep is very good. I just don't get enough of it - ever.

      Sadly, no cookies - not that I need any!

  4. Oh boy... I didn't have a great day either and today isn't the greatest either.. One Little Man sick with a cold and the baby boy needing lots of cuddling!!

    1. Aw, poor babies! And poor mama! I hope that they're feeling better! *hugs*


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