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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not exactly what I had planned...

OK, seriously, when your day starts off with a sunrise like this, what can possibly go wrong? Really?

Wrong question to ask.

My plans for the day were fairly simple.

Get the kids to school. Come home and clean and whatnot. Get the kids from school. Make supper. Have The Dude come over and watch the kids for about 2 hours while I go to a meeting. Come home. Hang out. Put kids in bed.

Easy, right?


I got the kids to school. I came home and putzed around and didn't do much of anything for a while.

Then, it happened.....*cue ominous music*

The Dude called me from work to ask me to bring some ibuprofen or something to him because his back was hurting. I had just gotten a shower so I finished getting ready and ran across town to give him the medicine. I could tell that he was hurting - badly. But he had to wait for his boss to get there before he could leave so I came back home.

He called me again a little later. And it's one of those calls that no one ever wants to get.

"Babe, can you come and get me and take me to the ER? I can barely breathe because it hurts so bad."

I took off and got him from work and he was miserable. We got to the hospital and it was all he could do to walk in the door. It was busy but luckily they got him in fairly quickly - and then we waited. I had to leave to get the boys from school so I took off across town. As I was driving, I called a friend of mine to see if she could watch the boys for a couple of hours, and luckily she agreed so I told her that I would be there as soon as I got them. I hung up and called Ex1 to explain what was happening and to ask him if he could just keep the older three kids instead of bringing them to me, and he agreed. I got the boys, dumped them at my friend's house, and got back to the hospital about 30 minutes after I had left.

He had gotten the xrays done by that time and was even more miserable than when I left him half an hour earlier. The doctor came back and said that things looked ok on the xrays and that it did not appear that his lung was collapsed (wait, what? you mean you thought that was a possibility???) and that it was a severe thoracic strain and the muscles were spasming. He got a couple of shots in the butt and a handful of prescriptions, and we left.

I dropped off the prescriptions and then we went back to his work to drop off the doctor's note and to lock up his truck since we were leaving it there, and then I took him back home and poured him into his bed. Then I left to go back to pick up the prescriptions and bring those back to him.

At that point I realized that if I rushed I could still make the meeting that I had planned to go to, so I raced home and changed my clothes and went to the meeting. While I was there, Ex1 called to let me know that Emily had forgotten some stuff she needed for school but not to worry about getting it to her since she was the one who forgot it. We touched base about a few other things and then I went back to the meeting.

After the meeting, I went to my friend's to pick up the boys, back over to The Dude's house to get some money, ran out to get him some food, and then took the food to him - and then finally got the boys home. They ate a late supper and fell asleep on the couch.

Emily texted me about the stuff that she forgot - apparently the lines of communication got crossed and she thought that I was bringing it to her tonight. I talked to her and Ex1 and we decided that there was no way I was doing it tonight (25 miles round trip at bedtime for the boys? I think not...) but I would bring it out in the morning after I drop the boys off - but only because if things hadn't been so crazy tonight she would have been able to get it and would have had it for tomorrow.

And then to top it all off.....

I had gotten a message while all of this was happening that the blankity-blank-blank Tooth Fairy letter had been posted on cheezburger(dot)com. I didn't worry about it too much at the time because, well......I was busy. I looked into it tonight, and sure enough it's on there - under the "Parenting Fails". And yeah, that bugs me. It was just a silly letter, and it's totally being taken out of context and it's driving me nuts. And I know that it shouldn't bother me, but it does.

But it's also a good reminder that judgmental people suck.


  1. Big hugs to The Dude. I hope his back gets better. =(

    As far as the Toothfairy Letter, just ignore it. Hopefully the people who see it on Cheezburger will come visit your blog and read the whole story, and you'll end up with more fans because of it. As for the haters, just ignore em because they don't know the full story. Even if they did, f*ck em.


    1. I completely agree with the above commentary about the Dagnab Tooth Fairy Letter.

      Which I thought was cute, and a great idea.
      I may even copy it. JUST SAYING.

      What's the ghetto saying, 'Haters gonna Hate'?

      <3 you.

      Hope the Dude is feeling better. My back is messed up too... so I completely empathize.

    2. Well the bad (good?) thing about the posting on cheezburger was that it wasn't credited to me - so no one who saw it on there would know it was mine unless they actually read the comments (ha!).

      The Dude is getting better, slowly but surely. He still hurts, but he can at least function now.

  2. Don't let A holes ruin your day. People are gonna twist everything given the chance so ignore them. Your letter was done with love and a lesson. Never can go wrong with that combination.
    Dude is lucky to have you (as you are to have him) Hope he feels better soon.
    You are one hard workin Mom take care of yourself :)

    1. Thank you SueZK! I still say that I'm the lucky one to have him!

  3. Oh Amy,
    What a day! Best made plans and all that jazz...life happens. It really shows a persons true character when a day like that happens and your character is amazing! I pray the Dude's back continues to improve. I have just been thru a horrible back condition and it isn't fun to say the least. What a blessing you are to him.

    I agree with all of the others in regards to the tooth fairy letter. I thought it was great. Concentrate on all of the positive comments. That is not to say it would bother me also but let it bother you for a minute and then throw it away. Don't give the negative people any power.
    Big Hugs to you both!

    1. Thank you Beth! It's just really aggravating that something that was written in a light-hearted way can be taken so negatively. It drives me insane!

  4. I saw the tooth fairy letter on cheezeburger and thought it was great :) The "parenting fails" section tends to have a lot of "parenting wins" posted on it, and I think your letter is one of them ;)

    1. Thank you Sarah! I just hate that it was in the "fails" - that word is like nails on a chalkboard to me!


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