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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little ironic?

Today was my payday. The one day each month when I sit down and pay every single bill for the next month. I get it done and it's out of the way until the 4th Wednesday of the next month. As much as I hate to sit and do it, it's a necessary evil. And the timing worked out really well because for some odd reason I have been attacked by a nasty case of vertigo (that I haven't had in 6 years) and sitting on my butt was the best thing that I could have done today.

Anyway, along with the normal bills that I paid today - you know those pesky things like rent and electric and gas and stuff - I put a "fun" one in the mail.

Remember a couple of years ago when I did my first half-marathon?

And then last year I did my second one in the pouring rain?

You guessed it. I'm officially registered for my third one. The check is literally in the mail.

I might not be able to walk around the house today without running into walls, but I'm registered.

Time to get to work. For real. I have to break that 3 hour mark this year.


  1. You can do it! I have faith in you. Well, unless you have vertigo again that day... then you'll just run in circles. I get vertigo nearly every day just riding the stupid elevator at work. I know how much it sucks.

    Anyway, I know you can beat the 3 hour mark. You will train hard and succeed. I know it. <3

    1. I just have to get off of my butt and get started - I figured that by putting it out here, it'd give me the motivation to get moving!

  2. Way to go, grasshopper!! That's awesome!!

  3. I hate that you are having some health issues today, but good for you for sending in your application for the race. I wish that I could do something like that. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better tomorrow.

    1. Anyone can do it - one foot in front of the other! I'm sure that I'll be fine - just need to get this out of my system somehow! And thank you!

  4. So proud of you!

    You are going to meet your goal! I just know it!

    And... if you happen to still have vertigo...Just follow the person in front of you... they may look like they are spinning, but the chances are they are running straight... HAHAHAHA just kidding.

    <3 you!


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