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Monday, January 14, 2013


~~ I don't know how long it's been since I've been out for a run, but it's about to kill me. I need to get out and get moving again for so many reasons. However, I made the mistake of yanking on what I thought was a tiny little piece of dead skin on my big toe, and *ouch* - instant hangnail/swelling/pain. So I've been babying that thing like crazy trying to get it to heal because right now it hurts to even put a shoe on that foot. But, it's getting there. Another couple of days, maybe.

~~ I really need to remember to take the trash out tonight. And to dump all of the *ahem* leftovers-disguised-as-science-experiments out of the fridge first.

~~I can really make a mess when I cook. But my philosophy is that the bigger the mess, the better the food. And yes, the food was good last night. The mess was all that was left of it by the time we were done.

~~ Another reason to get out and start running again is because I am determined to do the half-marathon again this year - and to significantly reduce my time (not just by a few seconds again). I want to do it in under 3 hours this time, and I will do anything in my power to make that happen. I have until May 5 to get ready for it...but I need to get registered before the end of the month.

~~ That silly letter from the Tooth Fairy now has 3000 shares off of my page alone on facebook. 3000 shares. Really? Of course, I've also found about 10 different radio stations that have swiped it and posted it as their own and gotten hundreds (if not thousands) of shares on it as well. It just blows my mind.

~~ I find it kind of funny when people tell me that they admire me for "keeping it all together all the time". If they only knew how chaotic things really get around here.....they would change that opinion really quickly. My kids are far from being perfect kids, and I am far from being a perfect mother - but somehow we make it work, most of the time.

~~ I really hate this house. I hate it more and more every day.....as I pull on a second pair of socks to keep my toes warm. I can not wait to get us moved out of here and into a better place.

~~I wonder if the ghost will move with us when we do find a new place.

~~ I really wish that I would have wiped that gigantic glob of spilled toothpaste off of the front of the bathroom sink when I saw it earlier. But on the plus side, my dirty laundry now smells minty fresh and I have on a clean pair of sweatpants.

~~I just realized when I looked at the ticker on here that I have been smoke-free for 6 months. Woot!

~~I still have a million things that I need to get done tonight, and I'm not getting any of them done while I'm sitting here complaining about having to get them done.

Brain dump complete. Carry on.


  1. U make me smile every time I read one of ur blogs. keep ur head held high, things will come in time. I have no clue how my mother of 4 ever put up with us when where little or now. but here a poem for u. :)

    Like No Other...Mother


    Mother, who gave us her heart...her very soul.
    Mother, who's understanding never wavered.
    Mother, the one who dried our tears.
    Mother, she lead us to the path of His Love.
    Mother, who washed our cloths and cleaned the house.
    Mother, who instilled confidence in her children.
    Mother, who walked us to school.
    Mother, who loved us like no other.
    Mother, who quelled the anger within us.
    Mother, who drove us to all our practices.
    Mother, who never forgot our special occasions.
    Mother, who protected her family, as a lion to a cub.

    Mother, who scrimped and saved for our daily needs.
    Mother, who was always the last to eat.
    Mother, who was always the first to rise.
    Mother, who cared for the animals.
    Mother, a love that knew no limits.
    Mother, who forever placed her family, before herself.
    Mother, who was grateful, for every passing acknowledgement.
    Mother, whose eyes shined, when she heard the words,
    I love you mom.
    Mother, who always saw the good in us.
    Mother, who always taught us to never, never, give up.
    Mother, who instilled in us, to be better.
    Mother, who made us believe, we could accomplish anything.
    Mother, mother...mother, you were like no other.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! on the 6 months!
    Hugs, Beth


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