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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Time to update the (not quite a) bucket list

A few months ago, I wrote a post with a sort of bucket list. I was having a crappy day week and needed to get some stuff off of my chest. In the process, I came up with a list of things that I wanted to do before my birthday, which is coming up in *cough* 3 days.

A reader asked me tonight if I had finished everything on the list and I went back and looked at it, and realized that I've hardly done anything on it. Oops.

I'm running out of time to finish my list, don't you think?

So, here's the original list - and what I have or have not accomplished:

1. Run a 5K. Not walk 3/4 of it. Run it. Or at least jog it. Nope. Not even close yet.

2. Get to the point that I can go out and at least walk 13.1 miles (a half-marathon) a couple of times a month. Ditto.

3. Go on a date with The Dude. Alone. With no kids. Just me and him - out somewhere, in public, together. We don't get to do that nearly enough. I think - technically - we've managed to do this once or twice. Maybe a few quiet lunches together. So yes, we've done it, but not quite what I had in mind yet, so I'm not crossing it off yet.

4. Get a manicure. Not a do-it-myselfer. A real one. Nope.

5. Read a book. From start to finish. Yes. I have done that. And you should too. Go and buy this book and read it. Because I said so, that's why.

6. Cook a meal - for me. Whatever I want with no complaints from anyone else. I actually do this on occasion. Not very often, but I have found myself actually making a real lunch for myself when the kids are at school.

7. Go bowling. I haven't gone in years, and I miss it. (Maybe combine with #3?) Nope. Not yet.

8. Actually finish one of the many quilts that I have started. I did do this. There's even a picture to prove it.

9. Volunteer at the homeless shelter. Not yet.

10. Actually take one of the quilt designs in my head, put it on paper, and then make it. And finish it. Gah! Why have I not done this yet???

11. Save enough money to get a new digital camera so that I don't have to use my crappy phone for all of my pictures. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I did not have to do this. They had an amazing spare camera that they sent to me. I love my friends!

12. Lose 25 more pounds. Yeah. We won't even go there.

13. Get new sneakers. That's going to have to happen within the next couple of weeks. No choice there. Done.

14. Make a charity quilt. That's actually started - but I need to finish it. *sigh* Still not finished.

15. Go hang out at the coffee shop once in a while, just to get out of the house. Done. Not very often, but done.

16. Get the bikes fixed, and go for a bike ride. That one will necessitate getting past some fear, but I want to do it. Ran into financial difficulties with this one.

17. Get my kitchen chairs fixed. I keep putting it off, but it needs to be done. I want it to be done. Two of them are actually getting fixed. Now that I think about it, I need to call them and see if they're done yet.

18. Go through all of my clothes and donate what I don't wear or need. An ongoing process, but one that I plan on working on tomorrow in conjunction with my own personal "pay it forward" mission.

19. Get out and walk/jog at least 3 times per week - regardless of the weather or how crappy I feel. Yeah, I've really slacked there.

20. Find and try at least one new recipe every week - whether the kids like it or not. Slacker.

21. Start cooking ahead and freezing meals - if for no other reason than to reduce my stress. Yes. I have done this. Not as often as I want to, but it's a matter of getting into a new habit.

22. Make the apron that I've designed and redesigned in my head at least a dozen times now. Oops.

23. Actually buy, fill out, and send Christmas cards this year. Did. Totally did. Honest.

24. Use the weights and exercise CDs that I have sitting around collecting dust. See #12.

25. Learn how to knit. Or crochet. Or maybe both. I'm really beginning to think that I suck at this particular list.

26. Start making my own laundry detergent again. I've gotten lazy. Lazy is as lazy does....

27. Organize the garage - because it really needs to be done. Hey, it's cold out there.

So. Yeah.

Not very impressive, and since I only have 3 days left, I don't forsee many more things being crossed off of the list. However, this gives me a good starting point to create my new list. And it's going to have 43 things to accomplish before I turn 43 - so that will give me a whole year to get everything done.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....


  1. Makes me want to make my own list.Not sure what it would include yet but this gave some ideas. I'm happy you have done at least some of them :) I am going through my clothes as well and it seems like a lot of work. Donating them sounds like a very good idea though.

    1. I still need to work on a new list for this year - but I haven't gotten that far yet. Life just keeps getting in the way, darn it!

  2. I was taught to crochet, but I taught myself to knit. I'm not great at it but I can do it. I sat down on youtube and found a video I liked and could understand. Give it a try. It's nice to sit and watch tv while knitting/crocheting.

    1. I have thought about going to the youtube route - it's just hard to watch videos on my computer. :(

    2. I found few books that have helped me a lot with knitting and crocheting. http://www.knithappens.com/ . The patterns are usually quite easy and there is simple instructions to everything needed at the beginning.I especially love the Hnadbook one :)


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