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Monday, October 15, 2012

The day started with wildlife and ended in jail

Hey, guess what? We had a crazy day!

I know that's shocking - but it happens occasionally sometimes all the time.

So....as usual, we were up before dawn in order to get all of the kids to school on time. At least during this time of year, I don't have to drive straight into the rising sun - although I really dislike leaving the house when it's still dark outside.

I do like to have a little bit more light while I'm driving so that I can avoid things like this.

There were actually about 6-7 of them, just taking their time and strolling across the road - but by the time I came to an almost-stop and stuck my camera out the window, I only caught the last 4.

The boys had their parent/teacher conferences this afternoon - and of course there was the obligatory book fair at the same time. We wandered around the book fair to kill some time before we went to the conferences.

Both of the boys are doing great in school. They haven't had any major behavioral issues and their teachers love them. They're both way ahead of where they should be academically, so now it's a matter of keeping them both challenged so that they don't get bored (much like the older 3 kids).

Alex had Scouts again tonight, so we walked down to the meeting. The boys got to go to the local 911 center, sheriff/police department, and explore the jail. They had an absolutely amazing time, and everyone that they met was so wonderful and accommodating. We spent close to 2 hours there, so by the time that we walked back home it was way after their bedtime.

911 Center

Talking about guns...
See the look of fear on Alex's face?!?!?!

Evidence lockers

They wanted to see a big gun!

I have to admit - this was the first time that I was ever in our jail, and I learned a lot about it tonight. It was much bigger than I had thought that it was, and it was much harsher inside than I expected it to be for some reason. Honestly, it was really kind of surreal to walk through it and to see it with my own eyes. I know of several people - including my exhusband - who have spent some time in there, and seeing it for myself really put it into a different perspective for me. I'm really still trying to wrap my head around it.

So tomorrow, I have to get up to get the boys to school (hopefully in time to walk) and then I'm watching a friend's kid for a couple of hours, and then hopefully - if all goes well, the planets align, and nothing goes wrong - I'll get to spend some quality time with The Dude.

Maybe, just maybe, it won't be such a crazy day.


  1. Nice way to title a blog and suck girl in ;) I am proud of your boys anf hope today goes better!

    1. Like that? I had to think of a good title for it, so I'm glad that it worked!

  2. I toured our jail a few months ago. The experience confirmed that I don't ever want anyone I know to be there unless they're on a tour.

    1. Oh, it definitely confirmed it for me. It was really just surreal - my mental image of it was totally destroyed last night!

  3. Sounds like a busy day. I know without "visiting" jail that I
    NEVER want to go there!!!

    I saw the quilt it looks great!

    Thanks for stopping by--come by agin soon.

    M :)

    1. I definitely don't want to go there ever again - not even to visit!


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