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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Conquering Mt. Laundry

Today was a relatively uneventful day. The boys and I got up this morning (after I finally got a decent amount of sleep last night) and we went to church. After church, we went over to The Dude's house and hung out for a bit, then we decided to get something for lunch. We couldn't figure out what we wanted, so we ended up going to the grocery store to get some stuff and then we came back to my house. The Sprint Cup race was on, so The Dude fixed lunch while I sat on my butt and watched the race - have I mentioned lately how wonderful he is?

Anyway, we ate and watched the race, and then we took him back home and I started working on laundry. Like, seriously working on it. Over the past few days, I have stripped all of the beds and washed all of the bedding - including the comforters - and I really hadn't put away of it away. I hate when I do that - I really prefer to do the laundry from start to finish in one shot and get it done, but for whatever reason (might have had something to do with the chaos of the past few days) I just washed it and dried it and threw it in a pile on top of the chest freezer in the laundry room until I had time to deal with it.
I'm also pretty sure that every single towel and washcloth in this house was dirty too, so I did a couple of loads of them and actually got them all folded and put away, along with random other loads of laundry that also needed to be done. Of course, there's still more to do (it never ends) but I think I only have enough detergent to do maybe one more load. So, I will be adding a trip to the grocery store to my list of things to do at some point tomorrow.

The next few days will be crazy again. I'm taking a friend to the airport in Kansas City in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, so she and The Dude are coming over tomorrow night to stay. We are going to leave around 2am to get to the airport, so he's going to take Alex to school Tuesday morning and then hang out with Daniel until I get back in town. Then I have to go back up there Thursday afternoon to pick her up and bring her back here. Of course on Saturday, I have The JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and Sunday I have the half-marathon.

So bear with me as I lose what's left of my mind this week, and if I don't post as regularly, don't panic! I'll be around - racing around trying to get things done with my datebook clutched tightly in my hands!


Almost forgot - before we took The Dude back home this afternoon, Daniel decided that he was tired. So he curled up on the floor in the middle of a pile of crap, and used the footstool cushion as his pillow. We picked him up, asleep, put him in the van, took The Dude home, and came home. I put him on the loveseat and he proceeded to take about a 4-hour long nap. I woke him up for supper - he ate, played with Alex for a while, and then went back to bed at his normal time. It's so nice to have an easy kid sometimes!


  1. That kid makes Napping look like a competetive sport!




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