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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter preparations

I had to pull some strings and bribe the Easter bunny, but he's coming here tonight instead of tomorrow night. The older 3 kids are leaving in the morning to go back to their father's house, so we colored eggs tonight so that they can have their baskets tomorrow.

Of course, they were banished to their bedrooms early because of a lovely stunt they pulled outside, but I allowed them to come out long enough to eat supper and color eggs - and then back off to bed they went.

I did have a moment of terror when I opened the one package of Easter egg dye and found this...apparently the little tablets somehow managed to get wet, even sealed in their little plastic bag. But, a quick google search later and after digging through the pantry for the food coloring, we were on our way again.

And then I got to spend the rest of my evening finishing up the "crack cupcakes" to take to a friend's house tomorrow for an Easter egg hunt/get together.

Of course, the Easter bunny just remembered a few minutes ago that the baskets still need to be brought inside and filled with goodies. Darn it.


    They look delicious

    1. They are cupcakes that are made with Cadbury Creme Eggs (aka "crack"). Basically a devil's food cupcake filled with a chocolate cream (made with the shells of the CCE) and then iced using the cream from inside the CCE. Decadent, rich, and downright sinful.

      And totally worth. every. calorie.


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