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Monday, April 2, 2012

What did I do today?

This has been one of those days that just went by in a blur....I think I made up for yesterday's blahness (yes, I made that up).

Let's see....

I got up a little later than planned, so I drove Alex to school and then we came home. Daniel had a doctor's appointment for his kindergarten physical (seriously? kindergarten already?) so I got him ready and fed him breakfast, and then got myself ready. We got to the doctor, did what we had to do there, and then took off to the library to return all of our overdue crap and get some more stuff.

Then what....oh yeah, ran to Sonic to get drinks - I had to bribe him with that since he had to get a shot and a blood draw at the doctor. Then we went to the carwash to vacuum the nastiness out of the van. I did wash it yesterday, so it actually looked clean inside and out for a change.

We came home for a little bit and I flipped some laundry around and worked on the kitchen for a bit, then we took off to get him to school. I ran over to The Dude's house and picked up his mom and we went in town and went shopping at one of the thrift stores for a while. Then I took her home, hung out with The Dude for a bit, and then came home and parked the van so that I could walk to get Alex. After I got Alex, we walked to get Daniel.

In the meantime, I was texting back and forth with my friend who moved back to the area because I had some stuff for her that I had gotten off of one of the local free sites. She was going to be home tonight, and the meeting that I was supposed to go to got cancelled (oh, darn) so I told her we'd be down there a bit later.

The boys and I got home and I flipped some more laundry, made them a snack, and then we went and got gas (another $86 - ouch) and we took off to her place. She lives about 45 miles from here, and I love to drive there. I take the back roads, and it is always gorgeous...

We weren't going to stay for very long because the kids were getting hungry, but then we shifted gears and decided to go to a nearby drive-in and grab some supper.

Who knew that candy cigarettes were still available? I thought they disappeared years ago?

I got one of the best bacon cheeseburgers ever at this place. The food was wonderful - the kids practically inhaled it - and the prices were fantastic too.

And of course, the obligatory shot of me and Dawn...

Sisters by choice...

We took off for home quite a bit later than I had planned, but it was a great evening and we had fun catching up and watching the kids playing together. It was getting dark so I had to take my time and we didn't get back here until about 8:45 so the boys went straight to bed with no arguments (yay!) and immediately passed out cold.

So much for my clean windshield, but the sunset looked so cool that I couldn't resist a shot...

And now that I'm home, I have got to do more laundry and get the kitchen straightened up a bit more. I have to get up a little earlier than usual to make it to the girls' school in time for an honor roll assembly, so tomorrow is already looking crazy.

Can you imagine? I'm going to have a crazy day.


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