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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding preparations, continued.

No, not my wedding. Sheesh. Get a grip. I've already discussed how I'm never doing that again.

First off, let me say that after yesterday's post, I can't believe how much conversation can be spawned by pantyhose. Wow. But, after reading the dozens of comments on my facebook page, I have determined that I am going to wear them. Fashion police be damned, I'm going for what I feel comfortable wearing. So there.

Now I just have to decide on the color - I bought a pair of nude ones, but now I'm considering black. But that's a minor detail at this point.

I decided to go digging for jewelry tonight, because according to my brain I still had some real fancy-schmancy costume jewelry floating around - you know, from high school prom days. As I dug around through my childhood jewelry box, I did find some other treasures. (Yes, that is my high school class ring.)

Then I remembered that I don't have that costume jewelry anymore, because last year or the year before I donated all of my prom gowns and old bridesmaids gowns to the local high school, and I tossed the jewelry in with them. Oh well.

I did find some other random jewelry that might work (including Gramma's black beads) but I'm not even going to decide what I'm going to wear jewelry-wise until I have the dress on and see how everything looks with it. I'm not limited to these for jewelry either - I have more, but this is just what I uncovered tonight - stuff that I honestly haven't seen in years.

The kid situation is slowly being arranged. I was finally able to get a hold of Alex's father tonight *gritting teeth* and he assured me that he would pick him up Friday afternoon and keep him for the weekend. Another friend is taking Daniel for the weekend, so we'll hook up with her sometime Friday evening to hand him off to her - he is so stoked about spending the weekend with her son! Saturday morning, Emily has a basketball game, so we'll go to that and then hand the older three kids off to Ex1 and hit the road running!

The rest of the week is going to be crazy - go figure! Tomorrow night we have the whole church/basketball chaos, plus I have to make treats for Alex's class for his birthday on Thursday, plus the usual running kids back and forth to school, and probably a run to Wichita to pick up some other stuff, and I know that I'm forgetting something.....crap.

I'm so ready to just hit the road and get out of town, even though it's just a quick trip. I might even let The Dude drive for part of it - anyone who knows me knows how huge that is for me - but regardless, I am going to have fun and relax this weekend. So there.


  1. kristine-facebook followerJanuary 18, 2012 at 12:07:00 AM CST

    Like the black hose decision. It's a classy, timeless look. Jewellry... stick to simple.. silver looks nice with black. A light chain and pendant with some dangly silver earrings would be my choice. :) just MO. Have fun and enjoy!!!!!

  2. I like the dress. I am a pearl gal. Never have any real ones but have a couple different styles. I am trying to plan my own weding. Not really much of a wedding, just a trip to OK to get hitched (for the 3rd time) but I want to wear something kinda nice at least. Last time it was matching shirts. Want to look and feel prettier this time around.

  3. LOL I wore a gown the first time around, but I was 6 months pregnant and looked like a beached whale! Second time around was running pants and a sweatshirt at the courthouse. There will not be a third time though!

  4. Fortunately I won't have to go hunting for anything to make my "fashion" choices look any better. Besides, what can I add when I'll have the most gorgeous, awesome addition ever... Amy!

  5. Three words: shiny black stockings! They'll make your legs look gorgeous!

    You two need to get a room. Bwahahahaha J/K!


  6. LMAO Katie! We have a room - for Saturday night! ;)

  7. Oh snap... we got a room!

    Look out OKC!


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