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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wow. We did so much today.

We got up early to go to the girls' final basketball games of the season. Emily's started at 9:00 this morning, so I was up by 6:30 to get all 5 kids up and dressed and fed. In my quest to try to start eating healthier, I opted to make the pancakes with whole wheat flour - and believe it or not, they ate them. The girls knew that something was different, and they said that they were "ok" but the boys inhaled them (go figure). We left here at about 8:00 to go and grab The Dude to take him with us.

Emily's game didn't go so well. The girls played hard, but I'm pretty sure that the visiting team's girls were on some sort of growth hormones and maybe some steroids too - seriously, they were HUGE compared to our girls. Granted, we have some small girls on our team, but for the most part they've been pretty equally matched in size with the opposing teams throughout the season - until today. It was virtually impossible for them to do much of anything against them. But they gave it their all, and I'm so proud of how far the entire team has come throughout the season.

We had some time to kill before Sarah's game started, so we came back home and cleaned up some stuff and then went back to the school. We got there just a couple of minutes after Sarah's game started and as we were making our way across the bleachers to get to a seat, I glanced up and saw Sarah NAIL a shot from well outside the 3-point zone - we're talking a "nothing but net" kind of shot - it was AMAZING!!! She got another shot in soon after that as well, but unfortunately it wasn't enough for them to pull out a win. Sarah's team played hard and it was a fast-paced game - her team has also amazed me with their progress since the beginning of the season, and I'm hoping that she decides to play again next year. She hasn't decided if she wants to or not yet - her insecurities are about as bad as mine, but I think with the right encouragement she might try.

After the games were over, the older 3 kids went with Ex1 for the rest of the weekend and so The Dude and I took Alex and Daniel and went to Wichita for the afternoon. We stopped at a friend's house to return the bra that I had borrowed for the wedding last weekend and hung out and visited with her and her husband and kids for a while.

After that we went shopping. I've needed to get a new pair of sneakers - mine were totally shredded inside and were starting to blister my feet, so it was time. We ran into Target (anything to avoid going to WalHell) and found a pair of sneakers for a reasonable price. I'm going to attempt to wear them without getting the lift put into them - I've had to have a 1/2" lift built into my right shoe for the past few years after the hip replacement, but when it costs $96 to get that lift put in...yeah. I'm going to try to live without it and see what happens. I used to not be able to even walk around barefoot because the difference in the lengths of my legs bothered me so much, but now I can so maybe I can tolerate shoes without the lift too. I hope. *crossing fingers*

By this time, it was getting late in the afternoon and we hadn't really had much to eat all day, so we opted to stop and get some food. We tried to avoid the typical "fast food" and opted for a pizza buffet, and totally gorged ourselves - and I had the first soda in about 4-5 days. See - I said I was going to cut it down, but not eliminate it, so I think I've been doing ok - and this is also the first time that we've eaten out all week too, so we're doing pretty good.

After we ate, we stopped to visit with one of The Dude's friends and hung out there for a little bit, and then we headed back home. I dropped him back off at his house and brought the boys home. We tried to hook up the new DVD player that we got when I got my sneakers, and sure enough, the stupid thing won't work. I'm so irritated right now, because it's most likely going to mean another trip to Wichita to exchange it, but of course one of our DVDs is now stuck inside it. Grr. So the boys hung out and played while I played around on the computer, trying to deal with some stuff that had come up and get some other things done at the same time, and then they went to bed with NO arguments - I think they were tired from all of the running that we did today!

Tomorrow is church, assuming that we get up on time - we really need to, since we haven't gone for the past few weeks with me being sick and then being out of town. Then it'll be an afternoon of cleaning and hanging out with The Dude and just trying to get stuff done before falling back into the school routine on Monday.

Time just keeps flying by, no matter what we do....

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