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Friday, March 4, 2011

What a day

Yesterday ended up being one of "those" days - the kind that make me remember why I named this blog what I did.

I got up in the morning -later than usual, which added to the chaos and got the day off to a not-so-stellar start, got all 5 kids ready for school, made breakfast, loaded them up in the She-Beast and got the older 3 to school and then came back home. That was all done by about 8:00am.

Then I took the youngest two to playschool, did my walk/run, and brought them back home. I did a little bit of cleaning and got a shower and got dressed. It was about noon by then.

Then one of my "extra" kids came over and she played with the boys while I continued to do laundry and dishes and all the other household stuff. We left just before 3:00pm to pick her sister up from school, and then we came home.

The kids then played outside while I cleaned out a couple of flowerbeds and "de-Sanford&Son-ized" my porches. They have been stacked full of so much crap and clutter that it was driving me insane, so now the stacks of crap and clutter are in the garage - which will be cleaned out (again) whenever I feel like doing it. Two of my older three came home in the middle of this, so if you're keeping track, I had 6 kids at this point, with the oldest being 9 years old. They ran and played while I worked for about an hour or so outside.

We came inside and my oldest then got home. Seven kids in my possession now. Shortly after that, I got two more extras (up to a total of 9 now) and then the first two extra went home (back to 7). I started supper, got snacks for everyone, and continued to do laundry and dishes and refereeing and whatnot.

It was probably 6:30 by the time supper was ready. We all sat down to eat, and then a plate was accidentally knocked to the floor under the table - it never happens in a place that's easy to get to, does it? There I was crawling under the table to get to it and to pick up all the food and clean up the mess. Luckily, the plate didn't shatter (for a change) and can still be used - there's just a chip out of it, but still. (*mental note: add plastic plates to shopping list)

The remaining two extra kids left at 7:15pm and I proceeded to sweep and mop the kitchen floor (nasty) and get baths started for everyone. Luckily the girls can handle theirs themselves, but I had to give all 3 boys baths and get them ready for bed. Of course, there was bickering and punching and drama mixed in among all of this...it wouldn't be a typical evening without it. Then we got homework finished and everyone was in bed by 9:00pm.

I finished cleaning the kitchen (well, at least I did what I thought *had* to be done and left the rest of it, did some more laundry (because that's what I do) and thought about cleaning the living room. Around this time, I realized just how incredibly exhausted I was and decided that the mess in the living room would wait. I crashed at about 11:30pm. I always put a movie in before I fall asleep, just to have some background noise, and I honestly don't think that I lasted more than 5 minutes into it before I was out cold.

It started all over again this morning - up at 5:45 (only 30 minutes late today), in the shower, dressed, made breakfast - luckily the girls started out the morning cooperative and they got the boys up and dressed and then they all ate breakfast, but then there was drama when it came time to actually get out the door. *sigh* But, I got the older 3 to school by 7:30, stopped at the post office to check the box (stupid junk mail) and got my 5 year old to his appointment at 8:00am. After that we came home and guess what? I started cleaning.

At this point I don't have any extra kids scheduled for the day. The boys and I are going to hang out and *gasp* clean until about noon, when we'll head up the road to take care of Connie for a few hours. Then it'll be back home, supper, a playschool "thing", and then bedtime for the kids.

At least I don't have to get up early tomorrow. I think.

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