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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy days.....

I don't even know if I can remember everything that I did today....

Woke up horrendously late at 9:00am - we were supposed to be at my friend's house by 9:30-9:45 to drop the She-Beast off to get her fixed. Jumped in the shower, got the boys dressed, and took off by about 9:40. We went straight to the garage and dropped the She-Beast off and then my friend picked us up, then we picked his mother up, and we headed to Wichita to run a few errands with him while we were wheel-less. We went to lunch and then stopped at WalMart to get some stuff for the garden that we're going to do together this summer.

We went back to get the She-Beast, and the verdict was not as good as I had hoped. He was able to replace a few parts, but it's basically a band-aid solution, as the oil is still going to leak. The engine is basically shot. So, we can keep her limping along for a couple more months, maybe, and then she'll probably go for scrap. As much as I hate her at times, she's still mine, and I'll miss her in some sick and twisted way when she's gone - even though I will hopefully be driving something newer by then.

Then I loaded the boys back up, met Ex1 to get the older 3 kids and we came home. I made supper (tacos) and got the older 3 ready to go to church with their father. After they left, I intended to clean and get the younger 2 ready for bed, but I got a text from Ex1's wife asking me to *please* bring a clean pair of underwear to the church, as my darling 6 year old had had yet another accident. *sigh* So we did it, but while we were out we stopped and grabbed stuff for the kids' lunches tomorrow so I don't have to actually make them anything. My idea of packing a lunch is throwing something pre-made and pre-packaged into a lunch bag and sending them on their way. Lazy, yes. Convenient, yes. June Cleaver I am not.

Then I got the younger 2 into the tub (and threw a load of laundry in the washer) and got them ready for bed, then started cleaning the living room...then the older 3 came home, dealt with the drama that always comes with that, and sent them all to bed.

Now, what I should do is....flip the laundry to the dryer, start another load, make brownies for the 6 year old's bake sale (I do NOT feel like doing that) and get some sleep. Am I going to do any of that? Jury's still out on that one.

Tomorrow will be worse. Up at 5:15, shower, dress, get 5 kids up and dressed and fed, load up the She-Beast and head to school by 7:15, come back, take the boys to playschool at 9:00, walk/jog 7 miles, get the boys at 11:00, go back to my friend's house, help him put the ramp on his truck, go pick up a rototiller from another friend, take it back to his house, drop it off, go with him to drop his daughter off at preschool, come back, plot out the garden and maybe start tilling, get the 6 year old from school, home, supper, baths, bed....back up at 5:15am on Friday....

Where's that clone when I need her?

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