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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo Op Thursday

Went and did my 7 miles today - but the funny thing was that I found "the trail". Every time I leave the boys at playschool to go walk/jog, one of the teaches asks me if I've found "the trail" yet. I knew more or less where it was, but could never find it - until the other day when a young runner went across the road a few hundred feet in front of me and then disappeared into the trees. When I got to the area I looked and I found it - today I decided to take it.

What an amazing find - it was absolutely gorgeous - and running on the mulch felt so much better on my legs and feet, especially since it was at the very end of my run.

Then there's also what I refer to as "Flowerbed Lottery" - since this is our first summer in this house, we have no idea what's planted where. We have flowers coming up all over the place...

Nothing really profound to say. Just felt like sharing some pictures. Now I need to get 5 little munchkins to bed so that I can attempt to get some sleep.....

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