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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun with facebook, a sewing frenzy, and stuff

I've been having way too much fun on facebook today. If I haven't admitted it before, I'll admit it now - I'm an addict. Hello, my name is Amy, and I'm a facebook addict. However, sometimes the addiction is used for good - I get informed of current events (true or not), I hear gossip from back home, etc etc etc. Today's news wasn't all good - a school bus driver from back home was seriously injured when a deer was hit by another car and thrown through the windshield of the bus. But the students were truly heroes in the situation by removing the deer from her lap (yikes) and administering first aid until EMS workers arrived.

On a good note, Phelps and his cronies will not be attending the funeral of the Crouse children tomorrow - such a relief. That is such a heartbreaking situation, and he and his buddies would have made it so much worse.

On a funny note, a friend of mine who I went to high school with in PA now lives in Arizona. One of my best friends that I met in KS also lives in Arizona. I never really thought much about it before, until he posted a picture that included his address, and I jokingly suggested a stalk-a-thon. Then I got curious and plugged both of their addresses into mapquest. Sure enough, a guy I know from PA and a girl I know from KS live 16 miles away from each other in AZ. Small world, huh?

Non-facebook-related, I called around and got some information on getting the oil hemmorhage in the She-Beast fixed. At this point, it appears that she will be going in for outpatient surgery on Wednesday. Now, cross your fingers, say a few prayers, and send happy thoughts our direction that the surgery will fix the issue and that I will not have to remove life support from her that day. As much as I curse her at times, I do kinda' like her and I can't afford to lose her. Not yet.

I have been itching to sew again for so long, but just haven't had the time or the initiative or the energy. After spending the past few days cleaning - really cleaning - the house, I felt like sewing tonight. So I did.

So I busted out the quilting gloves and a project that I started months ago, and started working. I think I almost forgot how much I enjoy sewing. I know that I could easily stay up all night working on this, but I can't.

So I am going to force myself to quit for the night.

I have to get up early, get the boys to playschool, walk my 7 (yes, 7) miles, come home and shower, get a couple of extra kids, go take care of Connie for a few hours, get home, send the extra kids home, then go to 3 back-to-back parent/teacher conferences. Yay me.

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