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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just because I can....

Thanks to my post yesterday, I found out that there was another way to do the phone tethering thing. Turns out that there's an app that lets you do it for free.....so, needless to say, I am typing this on my computer, and then I do NOT have to email it to my trusty assistant, because I can post it by myself! Yay me!

I did manage to get the She-Beast fixed today. The roads were horrendous to even get to my friends' house (less than a mile away, mind you) but I got there and the boys went inside to play while I got to work - after I handed over two loaves of still-warm banana bread as "payment" for borrowing their garage and tools. As soon as I got under her, I could see that the pressure hose had come loose from the power steering pump. When I took it off the whole way, I saw that the o-ring had also been damaged. So I borrowed my friend's car and ran to the auto parts store and got a new o-ring and a quart of power steering fluid. Once I got back, it took about 10 minutes to get it reassembled. It doesn't *appear* to be leaking, so maybe, just maybe it'll be ok, for at least a little while, for a grand total of $4.96.

While this little Adventure in Mechanic'n was going on, the temperature was in the single digits outside and the wind was howling like Mother Nature had just discovered that not only had someone peed in her Wheaties, but they also dumped them on her head and then poked her in the eye. The wind was unreal, to say the least. Although we had a space heater going in the garage and it was out of the wind, it was still bitter cold. The snow didn't even melt off of the She-Beast while I was working on her.

Once I got home (ah, to have power steering again!) I immediately got into the shower to try to thaw my feet out. The rest of my body was fine (might have had something to do with the 4 layers of clothes) but my feet were numb. It took several hours for my toes to get back to their normal size and color but they are feeling much better now, thankyouverymuch.

Other than that, my afternoon/evening hasn't been terribly exciting. I made some more banana bread to give to a friend (in trade for some very yummy cinnabon buns, I might add) and started cleaning out the toybox. I do need to finish doing that now that the boys are both asleep. All of the schools are cancelled again tomorrow, so I have to run out to pick up my older three from their dad's house at some point in the morning so that they can be here for their usual Wednesday - but I'm guessing that basketball and church will be cancelled and so the usual chaotic Wednesday won't be quite as bad.

Anyway, I'm just so excited that I can now post these on my own, and so I'm going to post it. Just because I can. Haha.

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  1. Does this mean I am fired? Let me know if you need help anytime, but you probably know that already.


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