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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just pointless stuff...

Today was interesting. Since the little one let me sleep until almost 10am (a perk of him staying up playing until midnight last night when he finally decided that he wasn't sick anymore) I was a bit slow to get moving. My 5 year old came home shortly after that and I wandered around the house, still in the clothes that I slept in with my medusa-like hair flying around my head.

Next thing I know, there's a knock at my door. Not just any knock, but the loud *BAM* *BAM* *BAM* that can only come from law enforcement. Sure enough, there's a sheriff on my front porch, wanting to know if some guy lived here. I said no, and he asked me, "are you sure?" Uh yeah, buddy. I might look like hell, but I'm pretty sure I do know who lives here! Once I convinced him that I did not know the guy and that he never lived here with me, he apologized for bugging me and left. Whoa. OK, that was strange.

I finally showered and got dressed and made myself look presentable. I did a bunch of stuff on my list, including cleaning out and reorganizing my freezers (ew) and then tweaked my grocery list for a shopping trip later.

Another knock at the door, this time nicely and politely. It was a gentleman from the electric company, informing me that they were going to be cutting power to my house so that they could replace a transformer. Oh, yay. I thanked him for the warning, shut down the computer, and got the boys ready to go grocery shopping. We went out to get in the She-Beast, and she had somehow slipped into a coma. *growl* So what did we do? We walked to the grocery store. OK, it's not like it's that far - it's only a block and it looked nice enough out. We got jackets on and started walking, and then I realized that it was actually pretty cold out. Dammit.

Anyway, we got to the store and got some stuff. I only got about half of the things on my list because we were walking, but I still overestimated the weight that I was going to have to carry home. Thankfully I had brought my reusable bags, so once they were crammed full we headed out to go back to the house. Perfect timing, as the electric trucks were pulling out of the alley as we walked across the front yard.

In the meantime, I had emailed a friend about the comatose She-Beast, and so he showed up to jump it for me. We hooked it up to his truck, she started, we let her run and she seemed to be fine. Hopefully she won't have an attitude in the morning again. Stupid thing.

Then another friend called and asked if he could come over - he was having troubles with love and needed to talk for a while, so we hung out and chatted.

After he left, the boys finally wound down and crashed on the couch and I tossed them into bed and started playing around on Facebook. The things I see on there amaze me. The love and support to the family of my classmate that passed away yesterday is uplifting to say the least. I see new relationships forming, relationships that are troubled, relationships ending, expectant mothers receiving chemo, the long-unemployed getting jobs, deaths, births, illnesses, recoveries, venting, rejoicing - it's all there. People that I haven't seen in 20+ years have been an unrelenting source of support for me as I have gone through all the BS of the past year or so, and sometimes it still catches me by surprise. And I see some of the struggles that my friends are going through, both near and far, and it makes me realize that no matter how crappy of a day I've had, someone else has had a worse one. And when I'm having a good day, I can pass along some cheer and smiles to someone who needs it. Facebook is a powerful thing.

(And yes, it is also drama-driven and a major time suck, but I'm trying to be positive here.)

The good thing though, is that I have accomplished most of the stuff on my list today. I did the girls' laundry, I stripped and remade their beds (I just have to put the blanket and comforter back on the top bunk and then I can say that task is done, and they're both in the dryer) and I vacuumed their room. I organized the freezers and I got half of the grocery shopping done. Tomorrow I am going to straighten up the boys' room, do their laundry, strip their beds, hopefully wash the towels, and work with Connie for a few hours. As long as the She-Beast starts, I should be in good shape, but we'll see if that happens. *crossing fingers*

But for now, I believe that I am going to go watch whatever movie it was that I rented last night. I can't even remember what I got at this point. I think I have once again lost my mind.

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