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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Yesterday was Friday. I think. Wasn't it? *scratching head*

All I know is that I ran myself ragged yesterday. Up at 5:30, got all 5 kids up and dressed and fed, out the door and into the She-Beast by 7:15am. I dropped the older 3 off at school and then ran about 15 miles up the road to take care of my lady (I need to come up with a name for her. I feel weird calling her "my lady" but I'm trying not to use real names on here. How about if I call her.....oh my gosh I really can't think of a good name....I'll call her Connie. I don't know why, it just popped into my head, but it sounds good) who shall now be called Connie. I got to her place shortly after 8am and got to work doing her laundry and cleaning her bathroom and doing dishes and stuff. The boys were watching movies in her living room and we actually behaving fairly well for a change. Connie's brother came over with a gentleman who was outside shoveling the snow, and this man was nice enough to put more oil into the She-Beast, as I had mentioned that I was praying the whole way to her house that I was going to make it. Stupid oil leak. Anyway, he got the oil out of the back end and filled her up and she ran ok for the rest of the day.

I worked with Connie until just afternoon and then took my 5 year old to school and stopped and got some lunch for me and the 3 year old before heading back up to her house to finish up some things. I stayed there for another hour and a half or so and then we had to head back to pick up the 5 year old (yep, going to come up with names for the kids now too) from school. I ran to the bank, picked him up, went to pick up some pizzas for supper, and ex#1 met me there with the older three kids.

Back home, pizzas in oven, straighten up, eat supper, load up the She-Beast, head back out to the kids' school for a basketball game (which turned out to be 2 games), try to control 5 kids through 2 basketball games, back home, kids to bed, more laundry, more dishes....then I finally crashed.

3:20am today, I woke up with a leg cramp. Not a normal leg cramp either - you know, the ones in the calf that can be easily stretched out. No, this one had to be up the outside of my leg, from my ankle to my knee. I could't stretch it, and since I was in an exhaustion-induced coma, I really couldn't even figure out what was going on. So I wobbled over to the kitchen, slugged down some ibuprofen and a bottle of water, wobbled back to the futon and passed out again.

Woke up at some point this morning and the 5 year old was snuggled in with me. Cool. At least he wasn't trashing the joint - and I fell back asleep. Then the kids started getting up and I noticed that he was gone. And then I noticed the big wet spot on the futon. Then the 6 year old started screaming that the 5 year old pooped on the floor. Oh good God really? REALLY? So I got up and went to investigate. Sure enough....So the 5 year old got a bath and got dressed, I stripped everything off of the futon, started laundry (imagine that) and got breakfast thrown in the oven.

Fed them all...cleaned up most of the mess....kept doing laundry....broke up a few fist fights between the girls over cleaning their room before their father got her....did more laundry...played around online and read a few blogs....started working on this one....

And it's already 12:30. How is it that I've been running non-stop and still feel like I've gotten nothing done yet? But I do have some plans for some things that I do want to get done today - I just need to get some more caffeine into my system first. And maybe some more ibuprofen too.

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