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Monday, September 23, 2013

I never thought it would happen. Never.

You know, it's kind of funny. When I was kid, I loved to draw. Whenever I drew a house, it always looked the same - kind of like this...

I never claimed to be an artist.

Anyway, as The Dude and I have been out shopping for houses, we found one that we both like. A lot. And the funny thing is that it really kind of looks like the house that I always drew as a kid. Except it's straighter. And prettier. And has a front porch. And a hot tub. But I digress.....

We were shopping for houses with the knowledge that my credit wasn't quite where it needed to be yet. I've been working on it, but as anyone who has shoddy credit knows, it's a process. I have been working with an agency that has been busting their butts to get negative stuff removed for the past few months. We thought that I was where I needed to be a couple of months ago when my scores suddenly tanked. I was heartbroken. As it turned out, an old debt (to the tune of $3000+) that has been in collections for years - and that I have been faithfully making payments on for years - was sold to a new collection agency, who in turn started reporting it as new debt. It killed my credit.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago when I got a letter in the mail. It was from one of the credit reporting agencies. Nervously, I opened it. 

According to the letter, that particular negative piece of information was deleted from my credit report. Deleted. Thinking back to how much of a negative impact it had when it appeared, I wondered what kind of a positive impact it would have when it disappeared.

As the battle against this particular creditor was happening, I paid off my credit cards. I also paid off a couple of smaller debts with the agreement that those creditors would remove the negative information from my report. I also got the raise at work, and the Social Security that Daniel and I receive increased at the same time.

So on Friday, I was able to check my new and improved credit scores through an online deal that was set up by the credit-report-cleaner-upper-people (my official name for them). I already know that the numbers that I see are slightly higher than the official numbers, so when I saw on Friday that they were high enough, I anxiously contacted Mortgage Lady (also her official name). She was excited to hear the news, and we agreed to meet this morning.

Fast forward to about 2am today, when Daniel's official name changed to Sir Pukesalot. He kept that up for the rest of the night, but seemed to level out a bit. The Dude had planned to go and meet with Mortgage Lady with me, but because Daniel was so sick I emailed her and asked her to just pull my credit report without me and to call me, rather than run the risk of Daniel hurling in her office. The Dude came over and we waited by the phone. Finally she called.

It's official. My credit score is now high enough to qualify for a mortgage.

I started shaking and pacing around the house while I talked to her. I'm not officially pre-qualified for anything yet because there is still one account on my credit report that is showing as "in dispute" - so I have to contact all 3 agencies and tell them to remove that because nothing can happen while there is an active dispute. Minor detail, really. But qualifying for "our" house will not be an issue - and we can actually look at houses in a higher price range than I would have even thought possible.

I contacted the realtor who has been helping us, and "our" house is still on the market.

I am completely and totally overwhelmed right now. Just over 3 years ago, I was on the verge of being homeless. People were sending me money to try to help me save my old house, but it wasn't enough and it went into foreclosure and we were forced to move. We moved into this house only because I qualified for assistance at the time - but I had no idea how I was going to pay the rent when that assistance ended, which was only 3 months. Then my ex passed away and the Social Security started and through the emotional turmoil that followed, the bills started getting paid regularly. It was a horrible way to get the bills paid, but I did what I had to do with what I had - and it's led me to where I am today. Between the Social Security and the job - I will be able to own a house, and soon. 

Me. The same person who was days away from being homeless just 3 years ago - will be buying a house within the next few months.

It's crazy and mind boggling and overwhelming and exciting and scary and surreal, all at the same time. 


  1. I am so excited for you!!! I am proud for you- you are an awes4ome Mom and an awesome person and I pray for the very best for you. xoxoxo

  2. Any !!!!! How exciting!!' CONGRATULATIONS, hugs and high fives!!
    I am truly so thrilled for you. And although I know it sounds silly I am proud of you.
    Good job!

  3. Way to go! That's wonderful news! We've been in quite the same spot the past few years :( I have so many dreams for one day owning my own home, yet I fear it will never be within reach :(

  4. Wonderful news! I remember that NSM, and I am happy that the new improved version is emerging and spreading her wings. Doing a Happy Dance for you, Kerry and the kids. :)


  6. I am SO HAPPY AND EXCITED AND am joining in on the happy dance with the group!!! Your hard work, and The Dude's also, has paid off!
    Super-duper-HUGS, Beth

  7. Congratulations! You sound like an amazing, strong woman and an inspiration to all!

  8. I am beyond thrilled to hear the joy in your voice and this news that nobody quite understands until they've been there. I've been there. NOt with the weight of it like you had with your kids, but I've been there. Fighting back and claiming your own is indescribable. you are so worthy. congratulations!

  9. I have been praying for you.. like you wouldn't believe.
    Hold strong.. It's coming.

    I know how this feels. Trust me, I know you read our ORDEAL with house buying.

    Now, that I am on the other side, I can TELL YOU.. HOLD ON...


  10. I am so happy for you! Your story is one that should be shared far and wide, as affirmation that nothing is out of reach!

    And BTW, that drawing of the house looks exactly like my house!


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