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Friday, June 7, 2013

Trashy gardening

It was quite a productive day.

I had to get up early to feed the kids before I went to work and as I was making the waffles, The Dude came flying into the house muttering something about having to go back to the store. It took me a few seconds to figure out what he was talking about, but as it turned out he had stopped at the store across the street to get some soda on his way over here to watch the kids, and his truck died. Again.

Long story short, we ended up pushing it from the parking lot across the street into my driveway so that he could figure out what to do with it while I was at work. I got dressed and took off for my shift.

By the time I got home, he had pretty much figured it out, and it appeared to be a relatively easy (and cheap) fix, so the kids and I followed him to the auto parts store, he got the stuff that he needed, swapped out the stuff in the parking lot, we followed him home, and then we came home.

Once we got home, I decided that it was too nice to stay inside, so the kids played around on their bikes while I finally got started on my "garden" (after a quick trip to WalHell). I can get a hold of these wonderful green buckets from work, and since I can't have a real garden here at the house, they will have to do - and once we find our new house we'll be able to take the stuff with us. You know, assuming that it actually grows.

Making drain holes - not so easy with a drill with
dead batteries.

Our "trashy garden" - peppers, squash, gourds....and something
else that I can't think of off the top of my head.
(I know, squash and gourds might not work in the buckets.
It's an experiment.)

Another experiment - morning glories in bags. I'm hoping that they'll
grow and vine and I can just wrap them around
the hooks. So far, they're growing.

Rosebush that was here when we moved in to the house.
It's going nuts this year.

Love the color.

Seeds sprouting in pots on my other porch.
After the outside productivity was done, we came in and the kids started to get baths while I made supper. During that time, I decided that no matter what, the kitchen was getting cleaned tonight. I just couldn't take it anymore. I have been totally slacking in there, and when I do that things just start to spiral out of control. You know, the dishes are dirty, so we might as well go out to eat instead, blah blah blah. Anyway, I cleaned it tonight. And I dumped all of the moldy leftovers in the fridge (that was scary). And I washed all of the dishes.


After.....first time in months that I've actually had the runner
on the table....and visible.
The silly picture that made my page go nutty tonight.

Oops. There's a dirty glass that I forgot.

So yeah, there's proof that my house does get trashed (don't they all?) but I did clean it up once I got started. Now I just have to keep up with it so that it doesn't get that bad again.

Who am I trying to kid? It'll be just as bad again within days.


  1. And don't you love how there is always one that you miss- just after you pull the plug oh and love your garden by the way let us know how it goes.

  2. LOVE the 'mom dish jenga'!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do that all of the time and hope no one will come along and try to move any of it until I can take it apart!
    You are a hoot :-)
    Hugs, Beth
    ps. throw the one dirty glass away...lol

  3. *giggles* Dish Jenga...

    You are going to be so PROUD of me.. WE ARE GOING TO DO A VEGETABLE GARDEN THIS YEAR! We have to get it in this weekend or next weekend.. But, we are going to DO IT!


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