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Saturday, June 8, 2013

How many times...

....did I sit down today to fold laundry?

Honestly, I lost count.

Non-Stop Dork
I got up this morning and once I got moving, I was on a mission to get some laundry done. I even donned the infamous purple bandana that usually helps to keep me motivated for some weird reason.

But I kept getting distracted. Sometimes it was my own fault, and sometimes it wasn't.

Of course, I kept watching that silly picture of my dishes that I posted last night and was again amazed at the number of people who shared it. I always find it ironic how the dumbest stuff can go viral (remember this foolishness???) but important stuff doesn't. But whatever - it is what it is.

But it also seemed like every time I turned around, the kids were yelling for something. Someone fell off of a bike. A chain fell off of a bike. Someone else fell off of a bike. The chain came off again. Someone is thirsty.  Someone's being mean to someone else. And so it went for most of the afternoon.

Then the kicker.

"Mom, the garage door is broken."

Wait, what?

Sure enough, when I went outside to look, my already ghetto-esque garage door was hanging at a funky angle. I got closer to investigate, and found that one of the wheels had broken and come out of the track, and so it was hanging there by one wheel. Very carefully, I got the door opened the rest of the way and grabbed some tools and pulled the broken wheel off of the door. Cool Neighbor came over to see what I was up to this time, and he went to his garage and pulled out an old wheel to see if it would fit, but of course it didn't. So, the kids and I loaded up in the van and took off to the hardware store.

Yeah. I need to clean that dump up soon.
$10 later, we had a new wheel. A matched set, actually. A little bit of cursing, a few ninja moves to get cobwebs out of my face, and about 30 minutes later and I had both wheels replaced.

In the 2 1/2 years that we've lived here, that door has never opened so easily. And I got it done and was able to get the door closed before some thunderstorms came rolling into the area, so that's always a plus.

But of course, while all of this was happening, I wasn't getting my laundry folded. Instead, it just kept piling up on my bed. So at the moment, Mt. Laundry is sitting behind me, patiently waiting for me to tackle it. And now that it's this late, I have no desire to do it.

However, I'm going to force myself to do it - otherwise I'll be sleeping on the couch, and honestly, I don't want to do that tonight.

Maybe I'll surprise myself and actually get it done though. We'll just have to wait and see.

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