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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random stuff and a super-ish moon

Just a typical day around here. Kids staying in pajamas all day, playing around, getting into fights, and all of that fun stuff while I cleaned and sewed and did all of that fun stuff.

I'll tolerate the room being a disaster just to see them playing together.
Nicely. For hours.
And yes, my boys are playing with Barbies.

OK, seriously? How does this happen on a spool of thread? 
I kept reading stuff about the supermoon and saw various articles indicating that it could be seen either tonight, tomorrow morning, or tomorrow night. Or maybe all of the above. Maybe none, if there were too many clouds. Anyway, at about 9:30 tonight, I tossed the kids into the van and we went to a local park to try to get away from the city lights so that we could check out the moon.

It wasn't very impressive, but the kids enjoyed running around like lunatics in the dark for about half an hour while I tried to get some decent pictures.

Emily is wearing the purple shirt. Do you see that really
faint green blur directly to the right of her? That's actually Daniel.

The green blur o' Daniel again.

He doesn't stay still very often.

Checking something on my phone. And obviously we didn't
get away from the streetlights.

Emily was playing around with the camera.

One of the better shots of the moon - just as we were leaving,
of course.
So now I'm going to sit down and sew and maybe watch a movie. Tomorrow's plans involve church and........ pretty much nothing else all day. Although I'm pretty sure that "nothing else" will involve dishes, and laundry, and cleaning, and yardwork.

The fun never ends!


  1. I love the fact that you don't care if your boys play with barbies!!! My son is the youngest and the only boy and has 3 older sisters. He plays dress up, barbies, tea party, and even has a favorite Disney princess!!! I hate the people that say dolls are only for girls and trucks and cars are for boys.

  2. That's a great picture of your daughter! Save that one!

    I totally missed the super moon... By us, it was supposed to be HUGE...

    Oh well...


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