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Friday, June 21, 2013

A few pictures from the day...

So we started out with Jared's swim lessons.....

But while he was at his lesson, I took Emily, Alex, and Daniel to a nearby park to kill some time.

He wouldn't leave me alone. My left knee must have
tasted really good. Or bad. Whichever.

The look on his face......

Kind of creepy.

Yeah. They're mine. No doubt.
After the lesson was over, we went back home for lunch, and then came up with a spur-of-the-moment plan to go to the lake to swim.

You might notice that there are no pictures of Alex in the water. He got to spend the entire time at the lake sitting on the blanket beside me. One of these days he will learn that some behaviors are simply not acceptable. *sigh*

Yeah, it was a rough day.

I did swim a little bit. Emily and I made it across the swimming
area. Helped that the water level is still really low, otherwise
I wouldn't have made it.

The crowd was almost unbearable.

Emily and Jared built a "waterpark" in the sand.

"Something's wrong with my bucket, Mom!!!"

Brotherly love. For the moment.

They always manage to find a treasure under the water.
After we got done swimming, we took showers and then headed back into town to get something to eat before we went home. Daniel was really having trouble taking bites out of anything because his front tooth was just about dangling out of his mouth. After we got home, I convinced him to let me work on it.

He fought, he screamed, he cried....and then it came out of his mouth. Mortified, he screamed bloody murder - then saw his tooth in my hand and busted out laughing. And then ran away crying


  1. Hahahaha. Oh man, I really have to talk with Emry's dentist, none of his teeth are even WIGGLING.

    He's 6 1/2!

    We need to start losing some teeth here!


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