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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Me vs. The Tree

We bought our Christmas tree the other day, but it's been sitting out on the front porch in a bucket of water, waiting for the living room to be clean enough for it to fit somewhere. So today, while I was down to only one kid, I decided to at least get the tree inside the house.  Of course, that involved cleaning the living room, and pretty much completely rearranging anything that wasn't already bolted to the wall. Seriously, anything that's more than about 3' tall in this house is bolted to the wall because the entire house is...... wobbly. Plus, I have kids (in case you didn't know that). Actually some stuff that was bolted to the wall got moved too, now that I think about it.

Then it was time for battle. I have this really bad habit of buying really big trees - but with the amount of ornaments that we have, it's pretty much a necessity. And besides, I like big trees.

Doesn't look that big while it's just laying there...

Photography by Daniel....

The fight was on.

My head got eaten by a tree!

Still fighting....

And about an hour later...
No, I will not buy a fake tree. Yes, I understand that they are easier. Yes, I understand that they save money and natural resources and create much less of a mess to clean up after the holidays are over.

Know what? I don't care. I like real trees. I will always have a real tree. I've heard all of the arguments and I've even looked into buying a fake. But, no. I won't do it. Period. End of story.

Once I got the tree upright, I decided to go ahead and get the outside lights put up, since it was warm outside. Stupid weather.

How many moms does it take....

They're up - isn't that good enough?

Weird. My kid was outside playing in the leaves
without wearing a coat while I was hanging
Christmas lights.

Ghetto-tastic. Now if I can just get the second string of lights fixed,
I can do the same thing on the other porch too.
I'm going to attempt to get the lights put on the tree in the next day or so, but we won't be able to actually decorate it until at least Friday. The older 3 kids won't be back until Wednesday, but they have church. Thursday, we have basketball. So Friday is really the first chance that we have to do it as a family.

However, nothing's stopping me from going through the boxes of ornaments between now and then to *ahem* reduce the number of ornaments that the kids feel must go on the tree. Some of them are just downright ugly - but I keep them for sentimental reasons. Weird, I know. Don't judge.

For now, I just have a ton of cleaning and laundry to do (go figure) since I worked on the living room and the tree most of the day - and then I have to plan out my week. Too much to do, and too little time. As usual.


  1. I LOVE the pic of the lights just hanging there.. I'd like to think you were inspired by someone's post on Facebook... ;)

    Now, onto the tree business. I have always had a fake tree. They're not easy to deal with. Putting them together takes much longer than it would for a real tree. They DO shed like real trees, just not as bad. After a few years though you have bald spots where the needles have fallen off. Then, instead of tossing it out when it's old and dead, you have to attempt to disassemble the damn thing and shove it back into it's box. *sigh* Sadly, it's all I've ever known. I'd love to get a real tree one year.

    1. Haha - you think you might know who inspired that picture? LOL

      Yeah, even though real trees can be a pain in the butt, I still wouldn't have it any other way. I just love them, plain and simple!

  2. Real trees for me too! Love the smell and they are farmed for cutting so what is bad about that?! I think I will go get mine this week also now that you have inspired me.

    1. So did you get yours?

      Another bonus around here is that after Christmas, the city comes around and picks up all of the dead Christmas trees and turns them into mulch, that we can go and get for free - so they are truly recycled as well. :)

  3. We're real tree peeps as well! Good job, mom! :)

  4. I would be a real tree person if half of us weren't allergic to them - I'm way jealous. My plastic 200 POS tree isn't half as pretty as your tree...we were going to buy a new tree this year, but I HATE the stupid price tag on them, so I am waiting til AFTER Christmas and ordering one online!

    Your tree is amazing and it will be marvelous will all the ornaments on it. We put ours up tonight *its a half a tree..we left the back off and stuck it up against the wall so it wouldn't take up so much room!!

    1. Our tree did end up falling - but at least it did it before it was decorated. We had to do a bunch of rigging to get it back upright, but we finally did and got it decorated, and I really need to post a finished picture of it, don't I?


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